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The Hohokam Indians

No description

Jessica Carrieri

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of The Hohokam Indians

Location The Hohokam tribe is located in Arizona in the Tuscan Basin. The Hohokam By: Amber Moon, Jessica
Carrieri, Eason Chang, and Shane Heath Time Period The Hohokam tribe was known to have lived from 300 B.c. to 1400 A.D. <- This picture is of Arizona, and the faded blue part is the Tuscan Basin. Sources: Important People *MacMillian/McGraw-Hill "Our World" textbook
*www.anthropology.hawaii.edu Buildings/Structures built at this time Religion Special Beliefs Language(s) Spoken Lifestyle Important Facts The Hohokam tribe lived in villages,
and in those villages they lived in small pit houses. The pit houses they lived in were fairly small because the base was 2 to 3 ft deep and the roof and walls were made from mud, branches, and grass. Later on, they made sturdy houses from mud brick and this type of house was more safe to be in. The language the Hohokam tribe spoke was Pima Indian. The Hohokam means "Those Who Have Vanished" which is a Pima term. Thanks for watching our presentation!!!
-Amber, Jessica, Eason, and Shane * The Hohokam built canals that were lined with clay.
* They built dams to help with the flow of water.
* They built irrigation canals and ditches in the desert, so they could bring water from far away rivers to their fields. <- The Hohokam building canals. Pictures Pit house Pottery In the Hohokam tribe, there wasn't a particularly important leader. Like many other Native American tribes, the Hohokam used 3-D rock art to enhance the visions of the shamans. <- 3-D rock sculpture The Hohokam tribe believed that shamans were people who were connected to the human world and the spirit world. Some people believe that they used the mountain spaces for shrines. Religion in the Hohokam tribe consisted of making sacrifices and worshiping many gods. In the middle of the Hohokam land, there was a platform for the people to dance to the gods to honor them. The Hohokam grew crops for food such as beans and squash. As well as growing crops, they hunted deer, rabbit, and other animals in the desert with a bow and arrow. They wore clothes from the animals they hunted, and plant fibers. On their feet they wore sandles, which were made from deer skin. They were very skilled at making different types of pottery such as coiled pots,
jars, bowls, pitchers, canteens, dippers, and effigies that were all different shapes and sizes. Even though they spent most of their time making pottery, they also made jewerly pieces like bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings,
and nose plugs that were made from turquoise, rocks, and shells. Lifestyle (Continued) 1. They were great potters and artists.
2. The Hohokam tribe was located in Tuscan Basin, Arizona.
3. The Hohokam Indians lived in pit houses made from mud brick, grass, and twigs, and was surprisingly very sturdy.
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