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School Counselor

No description

johanna macias

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of School Counselor

School Counseling By: Johanna Macias Why school counseling? My experiences
Inventories Tasks as a School Counselor Help students with : Emotional & Social problems Meet w/ parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators Meeting graduation and/or college requirements Write recommendation letters Finding interests and goals Interview & Test Adjusting to new life (college) Conducting orientation programs Giving options Career planning & Class scheduling Providing drug and alcohol prevention programs
Teaching students job seeking skills and Anger management skills Common Work Activities &
Working Conditions Care
Decisions and Problems
Collect, Record & Process info
Think creatively!
Work with others
Using Computers
Advice & Consult Skills & Abilities Communicate
Reason and Problem solve
Manage yourself, people, time, and things
Work with others
Visualize Education Preparation: Education
Get into psychology,and teach College Major: Education
Degrees: Bachelors in Arts (B.A)
Masters in Counseling (M.C) Licensing: Complete a Masters Degree by an accredited institution
Complete 2 years of verified, full-time experience as a school guidance counselor/ 3 years classroom verified teaching experience/ complete a supervised counseling practicum in school counseling
Submit a photo copy of valid Arizona fingerprint card
Renew every ^ years Education plan Stay for 2 years in PC
Transfer to ASU
Get BA
Complete graduate school and Finally have my MC! Financial Plan Fasfa
Find Scholarships
Student loan
Wages Arizona
Hourly $18.18 $21.57 $26.58
Yearly $37,810 $44,870 $55,300 US Hourly Yearly $19.86 $26.02 $33.60
$41,310 $54,130 $69,890
LOW GROWTH RATE = HIGH FUTURE JOB OPENINGS Short-Term Finish & pass classes with C or higher
Take a child development course and a psychology class Mid-Term Have my BA and Teach!!
Return to graduate school
Have a home of my own Long-Term Have my MC
Work in an Elementary school/High school Azcis
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