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Rak Kasut .Com

Online Bussiness

Nazirul Fitri

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Rak Kasut .Com

Zapatos.Com Best Online Shoe Business
in UUM Introduction One of the important thing in our live Objective Many types of shoes sales in market. Provide the shoes according to the taste of customer Our target : "One person, one sport shoes" Problem Statement Shoes's shop is located
far from UUM. Jitra
Alor setar Wasting Time can buy shoes with just seat in front of computer. Waste Money car rental
petrol Shop not provide enough stock limit design of shoes in their shop Customer can buy the
shoes without going to
the far shop. just online and choose their favorite shoes. Customer can save
their time when
buy through online. can use their time for sleep, study, fishing and so on. Customer surely get to make their choices. we provide online business with many choices and types. Save Budget. we provide free delivery service to the customer. Promotion. customer can get the newest shoes promotion when they access our online page. More stock than
any other shoe's
shop. we provide more stock in order to fulfill customers order. Scope UUM Students... UUM Staff... ... UUM lecturers Zapatos.Com Methodology Inception developers define the scope of the project and its business case. Elaboration developers analyze the project's needs in greater detail. Construction developers create the application design and source code. Transition developers deliver the system to users. Rational Unified Process
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