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Flash: storia, futuro e Actionscript 3

Laboratorio di Comunicazione sul web AA 2009/10

Daniele Massi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Flash: storia, futuro e Actionscript 3

Flash storia, futuro ed actioscript 3 Laboratorio di Comunicazione sul Web
AA 2009/2010
gotoAndPlay(“Actionscript”); Adobe Flash è un programma unico nel mondo web e non solo: si usa spesso anche in piccole e medie produzioni televisive e cinematografiche, cd-rom, presentazioni ecc...

La sua unicità deriva dalla possibilità di:
Interagire con gli utenti/visitatori;
Comunicare direttamente con javascript, html e praticamente tutti i linguaggi server;
Integrare Video e contenuti multimediali;
Integrare HTML e CSS;
Se i testi, le forme e gli strumenti di disegno sono individuabili ed usabili perché comuni a molti programmi di grafica, la sezione per l'interattività risulta più ostica.
Le azioni come premere un pulsante per andare ad una certa pagina o inviare una mail o fermare l'avanzamento del flash sono possibili grazie ad un linguaggio di programmazione presente in flash, Actionscript.
Actionscript? L'abbiamo già usato:
Creare pulsanti, assegnargli funzioni, spostare oggetti, modificare oggetti, caricare immagini, vedere video, fare calcoli, spedire email, muoverci tra le pagine di un sito, creare presentazioni, utilizzare suoni, caricare testi…
trace("Actionscript"); ActionScript is a scripting language, used primarily for the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform (in the form of SWF files embedded into Web pages), but is also used in some database applications, and in basic robotics, as with the Make Controller Kit. ActionScript (AS) è il linguaggio di scripting di Adobe Flash. Permette di rendere dinamici e far interagire tra loro gli oggetti di un filmato Flash. Actionscript si basa su ECMAScript, la sua sintassi è quindi molto simile a JavaScript.E’ un linguaggio di alto livello, al contrario di assembly ad esempio, ed è inoltre un linguaggio interpretato e non compilato, come ad esempio lo sono il C++ e il Visual Basic.
History The first three versions of the Flash authoring tool provided limited interactivity features. Early Flash developers could attach a simple command, called an "action", to a button or a frame. The set of actions was basic navigation controls, with commands such as "play", "stop", "getURL", and "gotoAndPlay".

With the release of Flash 4 in 1999, this simple set of actions became a small scripting language. New capabilities introduced for Flash 4 included variables, expressions, operators, if statements, and loops. Although called internally as "ActionScript", the Flash 4 user manual and marketing documents continued to use the term "actions" to describe this set of commands. Flash Player 2: The first version with scripting support. Actions included gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, nextFrame and nextScene for timeline control. Flash Player 3: Expanded basic scripting support with the ability to load external SWFs (loadMovie).
Flash Player 4: First player with a full scripting implementation (called Actions). The scripting was a flash based syntax and contained support for loops, conditionals, variables and other basic language constructs. Flash Player 6: The first version with support for on demand audio/video streaming. Flash Player 5: Included the first version of ActionScript. Flash Player 7: Additions include CSS styling for text and support for ActionScript 2.0. Flash Player 9 : Added ActionScript 3.0 with the advent of a new virtual machine, called AVM2 (ActionScript Virtual Machine 2). This is the first release of the player to be titled Adobe Flash Player.

Flash Player 10 : Added basic 3D manipulation, such as rotating on the X, Y, and Z axis, and a 3D drawing API. There is a new sound API which allows for custom creation of audio in flash, something that has never been possible before.  Flash Player 8: Further extended ActionScript by adding new class libraries for controlling bitmap data at run-time, file uploads and live filters for blur and dropshadow. Actionscript 3 ActionScript 3 is the most current version of the language used for scripting and programming interactive content for the Adobe Flash Platform. The Flash Platform is a complete system of integrated tools that can be used to create and deploy Web applications, content and video that run across operating systems and devices, leveraging the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR®.
ActionScript 3 was created in order to provide significant performance improvements over ActionScript 2, and to make developing applications easier and more maintainable.
However, even though ActionScript 3 was largely targeted at rich Internet application development, its strengths and benefits can also be leveraged when creating more expressive and creative content in Flash Professional, such as animations or motion graphics.

In general, the semantics of the core language are not much different from ActionScript 2 and should not present much of a learning curve.
However, the Flash Player APIs have undergone some significant changes, which means that some common tasks are done differently in ActionScript 3. play();
1. Achieve greater performance
ActionScript 3 was written from the ground up with performance in mind. Depending on the content, you can see a significant increase in performance. This means that your existing content may run smoother, and your new content can do more, while using the same amount of CPU resources.
2. Leverage new Flash Player APIs
Adobe Flash Player 9 and 10 includes a ton of new features which can only be used through ActionScript 3. These include much easier XML APIs via E4X, more advanced display list manipulation, or doing advanced image manipulation with Pixel Bender™ filters.

3. Leverage community libraries and APIs
Almost all of the major new libraries released by the community are built with ActionScript 3, and include everything from the Papervision3D full 3D engine library to Grant Skinner’s Gtween animation library.

4. Troubleshoot code more easily
The ActionScript 3 compiler provides options for much stricter error checking. When you do find errors, you can take advantage of some of the new and more advanced debugging features to track them down (and of course, you can still use trace()).

5. Develop content for multiple platforms
ActionScript 3 is the standard language used across the Adobe Flash Platform. Moving forward, it is the language that Adobe will focus on supporting in existing and new players (like Adobe AIR), servers, and products. Flash Player 10 supports ActionScript 3, and its use is required for developing for Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR content.

switch ("From AS2 to AS3") Sprite (flash.display.Sprite) – think of this as a MovieClip with only one frame
Shape (flash.display.Shape) – similar to a Sprite but with no interactivity
Bitmap (flash.display.Bitmap) – For displaying bitmaps
Loader (flash.display.Loader) – DisplayObject used to contain loaded content (SWFs and images)
SimpleButton (flash.display.SimpleButton) - Successor to Button from AS2
Here are some of the common DisplayObjects used in AS3: Come ha cambiato il web? AS3 stop();
AudioTool http://www.audiotool.com;
Augmented Reality AS2 Siti Dinamici Interattivi http://wonder-wall.com/
Contenuti Video Embedded Youtube
Vimeo Animazioni http://www.bankrungame.com/;

Giochi online http://warofdragons.multijuegos.com/
Banner 3D Ria
Rich Internet application 3d puro http://13flo.com/;
3d puro http://www.bandit3.com/
3d e video http://www.2gh.de/;
3d e realtà aumentata;
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