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computing timeline 2000-2013

No description

Tanzir Khan

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of computing timeline 2000-2013

2000 Twitter comes online. EA releases Sims. Young Filipino students releases the ILOVEYOU e-mail virus. 2001 Wikipedia comes online. Napster reaches over 26 million users. 2003 The Slammer worm is released in January and becomes the fastest affecting worm. Microsoft windows XP is released in March. The first computer is infected by the Spybot worm on April 16. 2005 Google maps is launched on Febuary. Youtube is founded and comes online on February 15. MySpace is purchased by News Corporation for $580 million. 2006 Intel introduces Intel Core and Viiv, January 5. Dell buys Alienware, May 8. 2009 Internet Explorer 8 is inroduced. Minecraft is released. Microsoft launches Bing. 2012 Facebook buys instagram for $1 billion. iPhone 5 is released and goes on sale on september 17. Gangnam Style reaches over 1 billion hits on youtube. it wasn't the end of the world on December 21. Youtube breaks an internet record of 8 million concurrent live viewers watch Felix Baumgartner breaks his record by jumping from the edge of space. 2013 Cysis 3 goes on sale on February 22nd.
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