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Oil Spills

No description

Shannon Cross

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Oil Spills

Definition of Oil Spills
The definition of an oil spill is an accidental release of oil into a body of water,as from a tanker,offshore drilling rig,or underwater pipeline,often presenting a hazard to marine life and the environment.
Facts continued

>The oil infects water and kills species
>Mainly oil sites are in Florida,Gulf of Mexico,and coast of Mexico.
>America's second largest oil spill still scarring Alaska's shores
>Marine well containment
system stop oil from getting to
rivers and lakes.
How can we help?
Some ways we can help oil spills are...
>Use less oil appliances.
>Make sure that you don't waste oil.
>Raise oil prices.
>We can build more Booms and Sorbents.
>If you see any oil in waterways tell an adult.
>check for any leaks in boats or cars.
>National Geographic
>Top 10 oil spills
>Oil spills fast facts
>USGS oil spill response
Facts. . .
>In 1977 Ekofisk oil field leaked 81 gallons of oil
> There are specialist veterinarians that deal with oiled wildlife
>Oil effects eggs,larva and fish survival
>When oil gets on mammals fur it can disrupt birth
>Hurricanes pick up oil and spreads it
Thank you for watching!
Affects of oil spills
Oil Spills by Jack Quillen and Oliver Givan
Oil spills cause more endangered animals.lt causes more dead zones.Oil is a serious threats to fresh water.Animals that drink that water most of the time they will die from the toxins.
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