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Chapter 2 Malal's father the falcon

No description

jo lynn wiley

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Malal's father the falcon

Born in 1969, the same year SWAT became part of Pakistan. He had one older brother and five sisters.
He and his brother went to school, his sisters stayed at home.
Chapter 2 Malala's father--the falcon
Malala's father stuttered. He had a maternal and a fraternal uncle who did as well. His father, Malala's grandfather, Rohul Amin, had little patience with his son when he spoke.
Rohul Amin, was a great speaker and a very short tempered man.
Malala's grandmother took her son to see a holy man, she was so concerned with the stutter. The holy man's treatment did not seem to help.
A man who loves words and poetry.
Clerics in the mosques referred to the Russians as infidels, they urged people to join jihad. They said it was the duty of good Muslims to join. The CIA of the United States encouraged this as well. Many of the young men in Malala's father's village went to fight the Afghans at the urging of maulanas. This organization later became the SWAT Taliban.
Malala's father decided he wanted to join jihad when he became a teenager. He was very religious at the time and studied and interpreted all 30 chapters of the Quran. For a time his Muslim identity was the most important thing in his life.
first place
Malala's father announced he was entering a public speaking contest and his father thought he was crazy. He simply asked his father to write the speech and made up his mind to learn and practice the speech and be prepared. He won first place and said it was the first time he could recall his father being proud of him.
Age 13-enter public speaking competition
Malala's father the falcon or not?
Chapter 2
experienced teacher and speaker
*famous for his speeches
*taught theology in the government high school in the village of Shahpur.
**imam at the local mosque
**studied in India and had seen and heard many great speakers and leaders-Mohammad Ali Jinnah--founder of Pakistan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Ghandi, and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.
** witnessed much of Pakistan's history.
Rohul Amin
General Zia ul-Haq
Pakistan and military coups
***1977-General Zia ul-Haq seized power--removed prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, arrested and executed him. This made Pakistan look bad to the world and the U.S. even cut off aid.
***to gain the support of the people he launched a campaign of Islamization. He had great influence on getting the people to obey him and follow strict adherence to Islam. Life for women became even more restricted under his rule.
***1979--Russia invades Afghanistan--millions of Afghans flee to Pakistan where Zia gave them refuge--this action was a game changer for Zia--he was defending freedom in the face of the Cold War and America now willing to be a ally. Zia wanted to stop the spread of communism and financial support resumed.

Soviet Army
Then he met Faiz, his future wife's brother, and became interested in their political views. He felt Faiz and his friends made a lot of sense particularly when it came to ending the feudal and capitalist systems in Pakistan. He described the war in Afghanistan as "a war between two elephants" the U.S. and Soviet Union. He said the Pashtuns were "like the grass crushed by the hooves of two fierce beasts."
Explain the statements.
enter Faiz Mohammad
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