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DSC Building 20.5.16

No description

tovi ben herzel

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of DSC Building 20.5.16

Save time and money –
while enhancing reliability, accessibility, and privacy

Wireless Door/Window Contact

PGx945 is a fully supervised wireless magmatic contact with Wired input
Includes hardwired auxiliary input
Compliant with international standards
Highly reliable
Easy to install
Prolonged battery life (up to 5 years)
Back tamper switch options

Wireless, Door/Window Contact

PGx975 is a wireless, vanished two way Door/Window contact
Extremely small and thin
Virtually unnoticeable
Compliant with international standards
Highly reliable
Easy to install
Prolonged battery life (up to 5 years)

PGx985 is a fully supervised wireless flood detector
Detect the presence of water
Visible signal quality indication
Easy installation
Early warning of developing floods

Flood Detector

Temperature Detector
PGx905 is a wireless temperature detector
Monitors ambient temperatures
Sends alerts to the control panel when extreme hot or cold is detected
Additional probe available for freezer, fridge and outdoor applications
Prolonged battery life (up to 7 years)

Wireless, Outdoor Mirror PIR Motion detector with Integrated Camera

PGx944 is an innovative wireless outdoor PIR mirror detector with integrated camera
Provides the perfect solution for visual alarm verification

Features several innovative technologies
Overcome demanding outdoor challenges
Prolonged battery life (up to 3 years)
Instant capture feature

Mirror Dual Technology Detector with Anti-masking
PGx984P is a dual technology detector with Anti-Masking
Increases detection reliability
Dual PIR and K-band microwave technologies
Unprecedented, active anti-masking (AM) protection technology for both the PIR and microwave sensors
Vandal-resistant design – Enabled by patented V-Slot technology
Dramatically reduce false alarms events

Wireless, PIR Motion/Pet-immune detector with Integrated Camera

PGx934P is a Wireless, PIR Motion/Pet-immune detector with Integrated Camera
Provides the perfect solution for visual alarm verification, day or night.
Camera range is parallel to PIR coverage - makes sure there are not “lost” areas when the camera takes pictures
Instant capture feature -
Pet-tolerant model, Ignores animals weighing up to 38kg (85lb)

Wireless Glass-break

PGx922 is a wireless glass-break detector
designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications
Highly reliable with near-zero false alarms
Advanced technology that offers accurate and false alarm-free detection
Adjustment free –
Extended battery life (up to 5 years)
EN standard certified
True self-test (incorporating buzzer)

Host Transceiver Module

HSM2HOSTx wireless Transiver
Supports up to 128 wireless zones and
32 wireless keys – varies per panel
Supports DSC PowerG devices
Compatible with PowerG Repeater for range extension
All wireless detectors are fully supervised for communication integrity

Wireless Repeater

PGx920 is a wireless repeater
Extends the communication range between the control panels and other PowerG devices
Transmission range is by far greater than the industry standard
Mains powered with 48 hour backup battery (rechargeable)

Wireless Indoor Siren

PGx901 is the ideal indoor siren
For residential and light commercial buildings
Differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion and fire
The extremely strong siren sound and built-in high-power white strobe light
Prolonged battery life (up to 8 years)

PGx911 is a two-way wireless outdoor siren
Sleek design Hexagonal and robust weatherproof housing (IP55) with high power strobe light
Loud 110dB Piezo siren
Easy to install
Transmission range is far greater than the industry standard
Extended battery life (up to 8 years)
Visible signal quality indication shown on the device

Please visit us at

Wireless Outdoor Hexagon Siren
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