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Greek mythology Project

No description

Aysha Shamim

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Greek mythology Project

Greek mythology Project
Blessing Dobie
Mikaylah Wilson
How Our Characters Combine
"Pallas Athena"
one of the main Olympian gods
Roman Name: Minerva
family tree
what athena is known for
story about athena and medusa
cultural value
american culture
aysha shamim, blessing dobie and mikaylah wilson
Works cited
cultural values
works cited
family tree
relate to american culture
related word
works cited
the owl represents wisdom
olive tree represents peace and goodwill
greek needed someone to look up to
Women of the time period were looked down upon so they created her to show that women can be equal and/or superior to men
In the 'Odyssey,' she was the protector and a helper for Telemachus and Odysseus
goddess of war and wisdom
-born wearing full armor(protection)
and shining her bright gray eyes(sign of wisdom)
goddess of crafts
-patron of weaver, musicians and horsemen
-invented the yoke and the bridle, the sailing ship, the flute and trumpet
medusa was a maiden that lived in athens
the most loveliest
brags about her beauty
medusa and her friends visited pantheon, temple for athena
pantheon decorated with amazing sculptures and paintings
awed by the beauty
medusa thought otherwise
she would've been a better subject for the sculptures then athena
everyone gasped
medusa was looking at her reflection through the bronze door
saw athena through it
'foolish girl who's self conceited'
turned her into a ugly monster
anyone who looked, turned into stone
including herself
sent her to the other side of the earth
live with the gorgon sisters(blind monsters)
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The goddess Hera bore a son named Hephaestus.
Hephaestus created the very first woman, Pandora out of clay.
Athena and Hera contributed to Pandora's box
He also delivered the goddess Athena and attempted to rape her.
Hera is the goddess of all goddesses and the goddess of women and marriage.
Her Roman name is Juno.
She is also the goddess of childbirth.

Hera is the Queen of Heaven
- controls storms, the air, and constellations
Goddess of childbirth and marriage.
- protector of the mothers and favors successful birth
the peacock symbolizes beauty and royalty; also represents her monster Argus
crown; only to be worn by the highest gods and goddesses
lotus staff represents creation, birth, and rebirth

on California's State Seal
athena's and california's birth
direct rise to statehood
thank you for watching!
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The god Zeus seduced a nymph named Io
Zeus turned Io into a cow due to Hera's arrival and Hera asked to keep the cow.
She told her creature Argus to watch over Io and Zeus ordered Hermes to cut off Argus' head and he did so.
Hera, Io and the Peacock's Tail
The movie "Juno" is about a 16 year old girl who becomes pregnant.
Juno/Hera is the goddess of childbirth.

If a person referred to someone as "being such a Hera" that someone would have Hera's jealous and vengeful character traits.
The Minerva Oil company is named after her
international food trading co.
athena gave an olive tree
Word origin
The month June was named after Juno because it is often the month for weddings
Greek Name : Pandora
Roman Name: Pandora
She is the first mortal woman
Pandora was created by the god Hephaestus using clay and water
she was married to epimetheus and had a child named pyyhra
Pandora was used by Zeus to bring misery upon the human race
Pandora's box
The myth connected to Pandora is Pandora's Box.
Zeus gave Pandora a jar for a wedding present. Prometheus told Epimetheus never to accept anything from Zeus.
Pandora's curiosity made her open the jar and brought all danger and devastation to the world.
A Pandora's box is anything that, upon investigation, leads to extensive and unexpected troubles.
ex: The investigation of drug use among the athletes opened a Pandora's Box implicating half the league.
in modern day culture, people often listen to a radio station known as Pandora Internet Radio Station
Pandora means all gifts
Pandemonium was derived from the word Pandora
Pandora is often depicted in the scene in her creation as either a statue like figure surrounded by gods or as a woman rising out of the Earth.
She is also surrounded by dancing satyroi in a scene from a lost satyr - play of sophokles.
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