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High on Hemp!

No description

Hillary Usher

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of High on Hemp!

What is this Stuff?! Importance in our Hemps Future Common Name: Hemp Plant

scientific name: Cannabis Sativa L

Plant Family: Cannabaceae Human Impact: New Research! High on Hemp! Presentaion By: Aja Blair
Chelsea Burroughs
Hillary Usher
Tiffany Johnson Germination & Emergence Seedling Stage Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage Life Cycle Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4: Grows well in warm and humid climates, but can live almost anywhere
Loves the tropics
Needs a lot of sunlight!
Native to Central Asia
Currently grown in over 30 countries including: Canada, China, Great Britain, and other countries throughout Europe. -The industrial hemp plant has explicit dissimilarities when in comparison to the other cannabis plants.

Industrial hemp can be spotted by its tall narrow stem that spans anywhere from four to fifteen feet!
The stem consists of three layers.

In the very center of the stem is pith, which is fenced in by a wood like material called hurd.

The outside layer to the stem is a tissue the develops into hurd.

The hemp leaves are usually dark green and can be long or short depending on the what the plant is being grown for. GROWTH Harvesting Cannabis Sativa L. is usually ready for harvest around 4 to 5 months into the growing period.
Only for "natural" harvest!
The general harvest season spans from mid-July to mid-August.
Males are harvested for the fiber (or "hemp) part)
Females are harvested for the seeds Key Parts! Seeds Fiber Strands Whole Plant The Leaves Food and source of oil for cooking, lubrication, making soaps and use in cosmetics Can be spun into thread and used to make rope, textiles, clothes, linens, and fabrics. (The Original LEVI jean was made out of hemp! Can be eaten as salad. Also can have recreational use or medical This is a valuable source of production of pollution-free fuels. These fuels can be used to power everything from generators to cars! Uses! Historical:
Helps depression
Clothes & Paper (War)
Medicines (Africa)
Oil Cultural:
Viewed hemp as a gift from a "Divine Spirit" to be used during ceremonies. (Burned, worn,ingested, smoked)
Japanese-Associated with purity
Today its used industrially to help us economically. Medically:
Used for 1000s of years!
Main treatment: pain,nausea, lack of appetite, sleepign disorders, auto immune diseases, and glaucoma.
Most common use today CANCER
Some claims that it helps bi-polar disorder and depression.
Hemp oil is highly nutritious. Importance in Nature: Native Habitat: Used to stabilize soil
Ex. Himalayas Animals: Most eat it!
Some vets recommend for pets and livestock Fisherman DO WHAT?
Songbirds love it. ^ That dog is ugly! During WWII, Americans were encouraged to grow in large quantities. Unfortunately, in the 1930s, a "war on drugs" began banning it. Environmentally Friendly: Not many ways to introduce into public....because it's illegal in most parts of the USA.
(However it is way cheaper to grow) People are currently trying to legalize hemp because its so valuable.

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