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cell specialization and levels of organization

cell specialization and levels of organization

Ashley Pereira

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of cell specialization and levels of organization

cells are made in different ways to perform different tasks. Specialized Animal Cells Specialized Plant Cells Cells in multicellular organisms are specialized to perform particular functions within the organisms. Guard cell Stomata Cell Specialization Unicellular Organisms
single cell (the cell IS the organism)
dominate life on earth
ex: yeast, algae, bacterium - Grow
- Respond to environment
- Transform energy
- Reproduce

same as any other living thing! Multicellular Organisms (eukaryotes)
many cells
huge variety
depend on communication and cooperation among specialized cells The Diversity of Cellular Life 1. Unicellular organisms
2. Multicellular organisms
3. Cell Specialization
4. Levels of Organization Levels of Organization individual cells tissue organ organ system a group of similar cells that perform a specific function groups of different tissues working together a group of organs working together to perform a specific function Ex: muslce, epithelial, nervous, connective Ex: stomach Ex: digestive system stem cells
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