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Copy of Lesson plan speaking skills

No description

Barber Bossuyt

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lesson plan speaking skills

1. Presentation / Pre-speaking activities / Preparation - activate your pupils' foreknowledge

- language input through the receptive skills (listening and reading) 0. Introduction - announce lesson topic

- explain what they can expect during the lesson 0. Introduction

1. Presentation / Pre-speaking activities / Preparation

2. Practice / Accuracy

3. Controlled Production / Accuracy (+Fluency)

4. Free Production / Fluency 2. Practice / Accuracy = practice of the new language by means of various controlled activities

A. language exercises with slight variations

B. exercises with focus on 1 or 2 "items of correctness" (accuracy) 3. Controlled Production / Accuracy (+Fluency) individual and teacher-centred exercises in which pupils still get a lot of help in structuring the conversation step by step

This is where it stops for low level pupils. 4. Free Production / Fluency more skills-centred <--> language-centred

pair-work and group work in which the language is used more naturally and freer
Lesson plan speaking skills Examples:
- planning and creating activities
- problem-solving activities
- describing activities
- narrating
- discussion
- role-play
- drama games Examples:
- pre-structured dialogues
- dialogues and role-plays with blanks
- key-words
- role-/cue-cards
- general instructions Examples
Activities with repetition
- the choir
- repeated dialogues
- dramatic dialogues
- functional phrases
- reconstruction exercises
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