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No description

mei yee Ngai

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of WIFI

WIFI Technology Our Objectives Video Job Division Objectives
Collected Information
Mind map
Survey Questions
Survey Results & Analysis
Job Division Mind-map Outline Ngai Mei Yee 12207241
Li Yu Fuk 12213535
Lam Chi Ching 12202274 means Wireless Fidelity
began in 1997
is a technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data over a computer network
can connect to a network resource Background To introduce .... To Find out ... To explore ... -How WIFI works?
-How WIFI popular this year?
-Why people use WIFI?
-What are the pros and cons on using WIFI How to search useful information from search engines : Wifi advantages OR disadvantages
intitle:Wifi WIFI .... Survey Web sites Collected Information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi

http://expertscolumn.com/content/wi-fi-advantages-and-disadvantages Question 5 Newspaper articles & Books Analysis Question 5.1 "Why WiFi"
Wireless home networking for dummies Wifi
Wifi and 3G
Wifi nowadays How to search useful information from library : Analysis As we can see from the figure, the majority of people use WIFI daily and only 5% of respondents use WIFI 2-5 times a week. WIFI is very popular among the age group between 13-25. This implies relying on WIFI to access to the Internet is very common. Most of the respondents use WIFI at campus
There is a Campus-wide Wi-Fi
The second is at home.
It seems that they have their WIFI routers at home
The figure indicates that WIFI devices are not too expensive, so most of us can afford to buy one and use WIFI. Question 5.2 Most people choose the answer "WIFI is more stable"
This implies that stable is one of the key factors that attract people to use WIFI
Stable WIFI is also one of the WIFI advantages
And a quarter of respondents choose the answer "WIFI run faster than my 3G connection"
This may lead to a phenomenon that teenagers care about the speed of WIFI nowadays Question 2 Where do you use WIFI? Most of the respondents have a degree and a quarter of them are senior secondary students. Analysis 1. What is your age group?
2. What is your highest education level?
3. Have you use WI-FI before?
3.1Will you attempt to use WiFi in the future?
4. Why don't you use WiFi? (allow to choosse more than one)
5. Why do you use WiFi? (allow to choose more than one)
5.1. How often do you use WiFi?
5.2. Where do you use WiFi? (allow to choose more than one) Question 3 All of the respondents have used WIFI before, so that we do not have the respondents of question 4.
This implies WIFI is very common in our daily life and most of them have tried it out before. From
Questions Question 1 Survey results
and analysis Most of the respondents are aged between 13-25, they are all teenagers. Only few of the respondents aged 12 or below and between 26-35. Survey results
and analysis Analysis Analysis Objectives: SURVEY Number of responses: 21 To find out ... Analysis Why people use/don't use WIFI
Is using WIFI common or not
where do they use WIFI
How different people use WIFI
pros and cons of WIFI
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