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Where Worlds Collide ELA 5 SpringBoard Activity 2.14

No description

Lindsey Cruz

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Where Worlds Collide ELA 5 SpringBoard Activity 2.14

Where Worlds Collide
Sketch me a scene!
Review some of the images you highlighted.

Follow the directions on the bottom of page 100.
Reading Log #1 Due first thing Friday

You may work on Reading Log #2 IN class on Friday

If you are absent, you need to be checking Edsby for what you missed...it is only reasonable that if you are responsible enough to drive a car, you are capable of being responsible for missed work during an absence.
Pg 101
You will create a "Questioning in Costa's House" foldable.

You will be given question stems vocabulary for each level.

These will be copied by hand. Make it pretty, but don't spend too much time on it.
Your turn!
Using the foldable...

On your own sheet of paper, you will create 3 questions about "Where Worlds Collide". One from each level.

Leave space in between each question, as if they might be answered.
While we read..
You will be highlighting images that you notice.

*Authors use images when they "paint you a picture"

Look for anything described in enough detail for you to create an image in your head
SpringBoard pg 100-102
Activity 2.14

Pg 102
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