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The Cool Card

No description

Kristina Levcenko

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of The Cool Card

By Kristina Levcenko The Cool Card
Digital marketing plan Top 5 Luxury Marketing Trends from 2012 1. The Hunt for Value: Engaging and Entertaining 4. 2012 is for content marketing. Interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and “a day in the life” stories
Create rewards for Facebook likes and followers
Hold online events with limited attendance
Seek feedback through comments, contests and quizzes. 4 Luxury Marketing Ideas for 2013 1. Themed Experiences 2.Accessible Customisation Mobile App that provides possibility of creating your own personalized Cool Card Luxury Marketers Investing More in Digital Gamification is becoming one of the hottest trends. 2. A New Language of Luxury Luxury buzzwords -authentic, artisanal, vintage, and heirloom. Successful images tell the brand story. The prose? 3. Differentiation by Lifestyle Immersion Quite simply, people want to experience more.
Online shopping has finally overtaken traditional shopping 5.Mini Indulgences, VIP for a Fee Luxury short-term accommodations at seasonal hot spots providing guests with a holiday experience that connects to a place or event If you have discount on car, inform clients when and where is the car show Create surveys - asking what clients want! 3. Tapping Into Art Creating events in the art galleries 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing
for Luxury Brands P’s of traditional marketing:
place E’s for luxury
brand marketing:
emotion Guide clients to the reviews or awards that restaurant has etc. Draw for charity - concept http://kwejk.pl/obrazek/1738335 Using app, QR code or Blippar
Draw or write message
Post it to competition wall - straight away posts to Twitter, Facebook and blog
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