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The x rex is a hybrid of these animals

No description

Mr. Stack

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of The x rex is a hybrid of these animals

The x-rex is a hybrid of these animals.
and they make this...
the wrong color:[
it is never black
what does he eat?
he eats other animals
and shrubs. He eats
giraffes crocodiles
and assassinates lions
that are young.witch brings us to what eats him.
he is eaten by large lions, cheetahs and sometimes big crocodiles.
catching him by surprise will be enough to kill a pod. I call there groups pods and there are three x Rex
in a pod.

the savannah is very hot with little change. the x Rex uses his spine as an air conditioner like a spinosaurus did . he usually swims in a drinking hole but there could be a hungry crocodile waiting for him. he stays near trees alot.
here are five cool facts about his biome:

it has a lot of wildfires because of its dry and hot climate.
very few trees.
long grass for hiding animals.
there is no snow in the savannah.

there is a lot of mammals in this biome.
my animal adapts by going fast to catch a snack and being able to hide with camoflauge and he is around 2 feet to 6 feet. he also adapts by not haveing to drink or eat for 2 months straight.
project x
the biome this animal lives in is called the savannah. a hot and dry place with little change. it is hard to live here. many animals live in this biome.
this is what his inner animal parts do to protect him.
what eats him?
fun facts about the x-Rex.

1: he runs up to 74 miles per hour.
2: he weighs up to 200 pounds at max.
3 : he can swim for up to 2 or 3 hours at a time.
4: females must stay protected because they only get four feet.
5: he usually will try to eat his
Thank you for listening!
if you have questions or something to say you can ask it now.
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