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Mindful Teacher

HGSE/March 30, 2016

Dennis Shirley

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Mindful Teacher

Professor Dennis Shirley
Lynch School of Education
Boston College

The Mindful Teacher
March 30, 2016
Innovation and Inconsistency
Mindful Teaching and Learning
Driven by Standards
Driven by Data
Collective Responsibility

Harmonizing and Integrating

Infusing Quiet Time or Chime Time

Identify a student who is most on the periphery of your awareness and write in your journal about how your shift in attention changes the relationship
Alienated Teaching: A Case Study

Pressing Concerns
Authentic Alignment
Professional Expertise
The Mindful Teacher Seminars
Mindfulness Assignments
Mindful Teaching in Action
Seven Take-Aways
1. Practice Open-Mindedness
3. Stop and Give Attention
2. Enact an Ethic of Care
4. Hone and Polish Your Professionalism
5. Monitor your Authentic Alignment
6. Harmonize and Integrate
7. Nourish Collective Responsiblity
Thank you!
We have to think!
The Mindful Attunement Protocol
1. Meditation
2. Journaling
3. Debriefing in Dyads
4. Debriefing in the Group
5. Introduction to the Protocol
6. Presentation
7. Clarifying Questions
8. Participant Discussion
9. Reflection
10. Debrief
Mindfulness Assignments
Extended Debriefing
The Mindful Attunement Protocol
Work with Psychological Intrusions
Formal Meditation
Scholarly Research
Selective Vulnerability
Identify an area that troubles you in your school and write about how mindfulness practices assist you to think about and engage with the issues in a new way
Professional Discernment and Debate
Coming to Understand the Pressures on Leaders
Cultural Sensitivity for Second Language Learners
Safety as a Precondition to Learning
Creating a Safe Haven for a “Runner”

Seven Synergies of
Mindful Teaching and Learning
Caring and Loving
What's best for our students?
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Four Ways of
Teacher Leadership
Is alienated teaching alive
and well in your experience?
The Bermuda Triangle
Learning Enriched
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