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Instructional Software Presentation

No description

Forrest Doud

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Instructional Software Presentation

Financial Literacy Education Instructional Software Presentation "Instructional software is a general term for computer programs designed specifically to deliver instruction or assist with delivery of instruction on a topic." What is Instructional Software? "...instructional software packages are developed for the sole purpose of supporting instruction and/or learning" (Roblyer and Doering, 2012) Simulations "These are models of the real-world that highlight particular aspects of learning: for practice, for insight, and for projecting into the future."
("Educational simulations," 2012)
Educational simulations. (2012). Retrieved from http://elearningfacultymodules.org/index.php/Educational_Simulations

Instructional strategies online. (2012). Retrieved from http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/PD/instr/strats/drill/index.html

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Problem solving skills software -- the big picture. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.superkids.com/aweb/pages/reviews/problem/

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Tutorial. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.techterms.com/definition/tutorial References: " These programs give students hypothetical problem situations and ask them to react "
(Roblyer and Doering, 2012). Simulation Example Investopedia allows students to get involved in stock investment when they might otherwise not have access. Simulation Relative Advantage Investopedia Stock Simulator Allows students and schools to save money by not having to use real currency. Student get to observe and participate in a complex process without real world risks or consequences. Simulation Model is highly accurate thanks to its utilization of real world financial data. "Tutorial software is an entire instructional sequence on a topic, similar to a teacher's classroom instruction."

(Roblyer and Doering, 2012). Tutorials "Some software tutorials provide testing features to ensure comprehension of the material, while others may be simple walkthroughs of a software program."

("Tutorial," 2012) ALISON.com Managing Your Money Tutorial Example Tutorial Relative Advantage Students are able to learn new money management skills using a step-by-step process. Provides students/teachers with testing features to ensure their comprehension of the material. The tutorial is self-paced so students can continue on to the next topic when ready or repeat/review the current topic if they do not fully grasp the concepts. A live teacher doesn't have to be present for the student to receive instruction. "Educational games can be broadly grouped into three categories: games that are not digital; games that are digital, but that are not collaborative; and collaborative digital games."

(Johnson, Laurence F., et al., 2010) Instructional Games "Instructional games add game like rules and/or competition to learning activities"

(Roblyer and Doering, 2012) ID Theft Face Off Instructional Game Example http://www.igrad.com/games/id-theft-face-off.aspx http://simulator.investopedia.com/#axzz274bCfAUi An educational game provides the student with a level of engagement in the subject of identity theft not offered by traditional learning methods. Instructional Game Relative Advantage Students are more likely to willingly play the game than they would willingly study identity theft information in another format. Students are likely to spend more time playing a game about identity theft than they would reading or watching something on the subject due to a sense of working towards a goal and an interesting story line. Drill & Practice "promotes the acquisition of knowledge or skill through repetitive practice."

("Instructional strategies online," 2012) "Drill-and-practice software functions provide exercises in which students work example items, usually one at a time, and receive feedback on their correctness."

(Roblyer and Doering, 2012) Drill & Practice Example Drill & Practice Relative Advantage Provides students with individualized practice opportunities at their own pace. The students have more time to complete the task than they would in a live group lesson. Students may feel more comfortable because their wrong answers and feedback are private. http://moneyu.com/index.php/students/test-yourself-s2 MoneyU Financial Lietaracy Quizzes "These are programs that focus on developing or exercising critical thinking skills by the user, rather than a specific academic discipline."

("Problem solving skills," 2012) Problem-Solving "Problem-solving software functions may focus on fostering component skills in or approaches to general problem-solving ability, or provide opportunities to practice solving various kinds of content-area problems"

(Roblyer and Doering, 2012) Problem-Solving Example Virtual Business - Personal Finance 2.0 http://www.knowledgematters.com/business-simulations/virtual-business-personal-finance/ Problem-Solving Relative Advantage Students use critical thinking skills to determine which approach available to them will solve the problem at hand. Graphical nature of software allows students to better visualize the problem and possible solutions. Makes financial problems more interesting and engaging to students.
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