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UKA - Track & Field Facility Management & Maintenance

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Michael Hunt

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of UKA - Track & Field Facility Management & Maintenance

Pre Event
Make sure your booking form supplies you with all the information you need
A planning meeting with event organisers is always worthwhile
Use pre-event preparation check lists for every aspect
Event Day
Study the timetable in advance and make sure staff have it
Check with organisers what needs to be in place where and when
Ensure you have sufficient staff available
Work closely with Technical Officials appointed
Maintenance Equipment
Surface types
General Layout
Wrap Up
Technical Layouts
Non porous ‘solid’ systems have a relatively hard consistency that gives the fast times preferred for high standard elite level competition (eg. Gateshead). This is a non porous full depth construction comprising of 2 layers. The base layer consists of a polyurethane flood coat impregnated with rubber granules. A final flood layer of polyurethane is then applied with an EPDM (rubber) surface dressing. This method tends to produce excellent finished levels and a ruly first class surface suitable for international standard athletics.
Often referred to as a ‘sandwich’ system, this provides a non porous elite level surface at a competitive price. This surface is constructed in 2-layers. The base layer consists of black rubber granules bound with polyurethane resin. A flood coat of polyurethane is then applied together with an EPDM surface dressing. Sandwich systems have the advantage of combining the less expensive black rubber granules used in porous tracks with the full synthetic topping of the more expensive solid system
Porous polymeric track surfaces are ideal for schools, clubs and training tracks. The vast majority of all tracks built in the UK are of this type and the risk of injury is reduced by its softer surface characteristics. This system is a two-layer fully porous construction. Firstly the base layer is installed, consisting of black rubber granules bound with polyurethane resin. The top finish is then applied, consisting of a structural spray coat of coloured EPDM (rubber) granules and pigmented polyurethane.
This system consists of prefabricated synthetic rubber matting manufactured in a factory environment to offer an even thickness and controlled performance characteristics. Supplied in rolls, the mat is adhered to a base macadam to provide a non porous system. As the surfacing is a set thickness the base macadam needs to be constructed to a very fine tolerance in order to achieve NGB level requirements. This surface is extensively at Major athletics championships and was the surface used at the London 2012 Games.
Your role in providing safe facilities
The importance of regular maintenance
Develop and implement a maintenance schedule and checking regime
Produce a costed annual maintenance budget plan
Plan for future replacement/refurbishment work
Track Cleaning
Track refurbishment
Extending the Life of your track
Track repairs
Track & Field Facility Management & Maintenance
Proper facility maintenance ensures safety for athletes and spectators
"The most important step in maintaining all types of track surfaces is regular cleaning. Keeping the surface clean involves removing debris immediately and spot cleaning spills as soon as they occur."
Overall, maintenance is not a lot of work all at once but a series of small steps to keep things moving in the right direction. And as always, planning ahead and being careful are the most important things, and the most likely to have a long-term positive effect on the facility.
Synthetic Tracks are NOT maintenance free
Vigilance and daily/seasonal procedures will extend track life
Renovation/replacement needs to be planned
Your aim: A great experience for all track& field users?
Post Event
Snow & Ice
Spreading the Wear
Track protection
Horizontal Jumps
High Jump
Pole Vault
Health and safety philosophy
Provision of laws/ rules of competition and training
Guidance for clubs and facilities on risk assessment
Guidance for clubs, facilities and participants on procedures for the health and safety of participants and spectators
Identification and development of training programmes
Maintain records of health and safety performance
Provision of liability insurance
Fitness and capability for officiating
Compliance with laws/rules during events
Protection of participants from ill health and injury caused by unsafe equipment and facilities and/or the acts and omissions of other participants
Protection of spectators from ill health and injury caused by the sport’s activities
Preparation and implementation of risk assessments for activities and events
Provision and maintenance of approved facilities and equipment for the sport
Provision of competent instructors for participants
Provision of competent officials for events
Maintenance of health and safety performance records
Provision of liability insurance for club activities and events
National Governing Body
Facilities/Clubs/Event organisers
Small storage areas..
A well-organised small space works well
Small & large storage areas
Note that wires are not tensioned
A well-organised small space works well
Discus and Shot racks ..... and a bin for flags
A plywood lined container provides a significant amount of space
Staggering Hammer brackets saves space
You can even fit in three rows!
.... and keep your clocks safe
Alternative Discus and Shot racking and distance boxes easy to select
Scoreboards on brackets are less susceptible to damage
Pretty cramped, but workable
Large storage areas
A really big store has advantages!
Note broom hanging up! Clear storage boxes show their contents.
Commercial shelving, or make your own.
Every equipment room needs rubbish bags!
No-Jump indicator trolleys ... but you can make similar racks.
Note Hammers in a trolley don’t have wires under tension.
You need a solid workbench.
Controlling issue of equipment is vital
It’s not all good news ..........
Kerbing clips must be removed when kerbing is temporarily taken out for High Jump
A bit unfair because this venue was closed at the time, but .....
75% of damage seen on tracks is due to misuse of the facility, and can be avoided if appropriate signs are posted.
Border management
Infield care
Successful events
Have procedures in place for feedback
A debriefing meeting is always worthwhile. You want repeat trade!
Create an action list from the feedback
Clerk of Course checklist
Long Jump/Triple Jump
Planning Ahead
Proper facility maintenance ensures safety for athletes and spectators
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