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The Immune System :The Chicken Pox

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Talia Turnbull

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The Immune System :The Chicken Pox

Third Line OF Defense
What Happens In The Future
In the future if these same pathogens return the blood stream will be ready and the white blood cells will destroy these pathogens before you are able to get sick. ( Because of the actions of the memory B cells)
The First line Of Defense
It Includes physical and chemical barriers that are always prepared to defend the body from infections.

Respiratory System
: The mucus is in the respiratory system. It helps trap the pathogens in the mucus membrane.

Digestive System
: Saliva contain EZYME that kill pathogens

Circulatory System
: Contains white blood cells that engulf the pathogens
The Second Line Of Defense
The second line of defense is a group of cells, tissues and organisms that work together to protect the body.

Leukocytes : The white blood cells seek and destroy pathogens that causes diseases.

Inflammation : This is the body's attempts at self-protection and begin the healing process

Fever : When someone gets a fever it means that their body temperature is abnormally high. It can cause shivering and headaches

The Immune System
The immune system is made up of proteins, specials cells, tissue and organs. It defends peoples bodies from germs and microorganisms everyday

The Immune System

By: Darlene & Talia Class: 802

First Line Of Defense Images
Second Line Of Defense Images




White Blood Cells
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