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The Renaissance

No description

sarah willis

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The Renaissance

The Renaissance The word means Rebirth it was a period of GREAT AWAKENING
Impacted Literature and Music
as well as Art Centred around the city of Florence Characteristics:
-Greco-Roman Influences
-1st Nudes in 2000 Years
-Study of Human Anatomy
-Study of Value and Shading
-Rediscovered Linear Perspective
Began Portraits
-Artists Started signing their names to their
-Printing Press was Invented Architecture
Influenced by Rome and Greece Added columns, cornices, domes and arches Alberti Bramante Brunelleschi Sculpture Emphasized Perfect Human Form Inspired by Greek Statues First nude sculptures in Modern history Ghiberti Donatello Michaelangelo Painting Signed their work Added shading to Human Forms Included Linear Perspective to create
realistic Space Jan Van Eyck Raphael DaVinci Masaccio Botticelli Michaelangelo
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