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Jon Mitchell

No description

Chuck Stafford

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Jon Mitchell

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF Features Food Chain/Web Impact on the G.B.R HAZARDS TRANSFERS stout body/large mouth for protection.
green/brown coloration to blend in with rocks.
large toothy pressure plates
slow swimmers
tremendously strong high air pressure eats a lot
favorite food is parrot fish
predators are sharks and orca whale
its dung transfers energy to the sea sponge which begins the energy chain. without the grouper, parrot fish will overpopulate and eat all the coral. Leaving no food for the crown of thorns starfish. overfishing
pollution ENERGY GROUPERS ALGAE PARROT FISH GROUPER SHARKS Sun Food Webs Below Definition of overpopulate

To have to many of one species in one
ecosystem. AND Impact on Grouper provides habitat
provides food
provides a resting place
allows the Grouper to thrive Great
Reef Groupers are a very liked
seafood so, fisherman get
paid more if they catch them. pollution is caused by humans
much like overfishing it is
very deadly. digests food
food web/chain ACQUIRES ABSORBS from what its prey eats
prey UTILIZES catch prey
self defense sleeps
eats FUN FACT Groupers are sometimes known to swallow white tiped reef sharks whole!! VS GROUPER WHITE TIPED REEF SHARK THANKS FOR WATCHING! I hope you learned that every
organism impacts their own
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