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Aerobic exercise vs. Anaerobic exercise

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David Lopez

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Aerobic exercise vs. Anaerobic exercise

What does aerobic mean?
"With oxygen"
Exercise that requires pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver
to the working muscles
Oxygen burns fats and carbohydrates when inside our muscles for energy
What does anaerobic mean?
"Without oxygen"
You become out of breath quickly
Muscles need more than oxygen
Higher intensity exercise/activity
Muscles become fatigued
discomfort and weakening of muscles
Aerobic activities
Can be performed for longer than a few minutes

Endurance activities

Bicycling, jogging, walking, kickboxing, dancing, swimming, cardio-machines at gym
Anaerobic activities
Brief, strength-based activities

Sprinting, jumping, weight-lifting, baseball, football, basketball
Aerobic exercise vs. Anaerobic exercise
Prevention of diseases
(cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression)
Increased cognitive function


Increased strength
Increased power

Blood flow
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