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CHAPTER 21 : Second Homecoming and The Liga Filipina

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Kristianne Echavez

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of CHAPTER 21 : Second Homecoming and The Liga Filipina

Second Homecoming
" The battlefield is in the Philippines. This is where we should meet. There we will help one another, there together we will suffer or triumph perhaps."
June 26, 1892
arrived in Manila at 12 noon
June 27, 1892
visited friends in Malolos, San Fernando, Tarlac, and Bacolor
June 28, 1892
returned to Manila
was shadowed by
government spies
Other interviews
with Despujol

" I did not succeed to have the penalty of exile lifted, but he gave me hope with regard to my sisters."
June 30
talked about
Borneo Colonization Project
July 3 1892
Founding of the La Liga Filipina
- at the home of Doroteo Ongjunco
- Ylaya Street, Tondo, Manila
Unus Instar Omnium
1. To unite the whole archipelago into one compact and homogenous body.
2. Mutual protection in every want and neccessity.
3. Defense against all violence and injustice.
4. Encouragement of education, agriculture and commerce.
Ambrosio Salvador
Deodato Arellano
Bonifacio Arevallo
Agustin de la Rosa
5. Study and application of reforms.
Supreme Council
Provincial Council
Popular Council
1. Obey the orders of the Supreme Council
2. To help in recruiting new members
3.To keep in strictest secrecy the decisions of the Liga authorities
4.To have a symbolic name which he cannot change until he becomes president of the council
5. T report to the fiscal anything that he may hear which affects the Liga
6.To behave well as befits a good Filipino
7.To help fellow members in all ways
entrance fee of two pesos
monthly due of ten centavos
all Filipinos who have at heart the welfare of their fatherland
met with Gov. Gen. Despujol
stayed at Hotel de Oriente
visited sisters in the city
Chapter 21 :
Second Homecoming and the La Liga Filipina
Rizal arrested
July 6 at Malacañan Palace
Pobres Frailes
escorted to Fort Santiago by Ramon Despujol
Deportation to Dapitan
Gaceta de Manila
books and articles which showed disloyalty to Spain

bundle of handbills entitled Pobres Frailes

El Filibusterismo

Tear the Filipino people from their holy Catholic faith.
July 15, 1892 at 12:30am
steamer CEBU
under Captain Delgras
arrived at 7:00 in the evening
The End
June 29
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