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Babel, by Chris Ledgard

No description

Carlos Trindade

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Babel, by Chris Ledgard

Babel, by Chris Ledgard
Babel, by Chris Ledgard
An analysis on Genesis 11 verses 1 to 9: The Tower of Babel, dated 1400 b. C.

Scholars, researchers and professionals discuss the possibility of the existence of a time when there was just ONE language, and the existence of the tower itself.
Origin of The Story: Theories
In ancient Babylonian, Babel means 'Gate of God''
Confusion' in Hebrew is pronounced 'bil-bul' - the origin of 'Babel'
An anti-urban theme: the first city was built by Cain, a murderer of his own brother
According to scientist, there was never a Tower of Babel - it is just a fascinating fiction story, a metaphor
The Proto-language
Scholars from Oxford University try to prove there was once a single language that was the origin of all others
Proto-Indo-European: around 3,000 b. C.
Origins might come from the Uralic language, which originated the Finnish and Hungarian, even before: 7,000 to 8,000 b. C.
BUT there were humans from as early as 100,000 ago - didn't they speak a language?
Could there be a Proto-World language?
Theory is still very contested, but...
Examples of Similarities Between Ancient Languages
The word 'father':
In Sanskrit - pituH
In Latin - pater
In Greek - patér
Curious Facts
Pronunciation in American English (/a/), different from the British pronunciation (/ei/), is the same as 'babble', which refers to early infant vocalization, a stage of development, according to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), although the roots of both words are not related etimologically
Babel no More, by Michael Erard
The search for the 'Hyperpolyglots'
Cardinal Mezzofanti from Bologna (1774-1849), supposedly spoke 72 languages, curiously the same number of languages that were created by God from the Babel biblical passage
The secret? - finding enjoyable activities to learn and keep up with many languages
According to Erard, those hyperpolyglots are the human's answer to God's punishment, defying His decision
Final Remarks
The Tower of Babel, according to the scholars, is a metaphor about the human arrogance, pride, ego
It is a story about God using our own egos against us
It is a punch in our arrogance
Language either unites or divides

Thank you!
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