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No description

Dr Sony Jalarajan Raj

on 9 April 2017

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3 Main Parts of Speech
Public Speaking
The Conclusion
The Body
The Introduction
A short recap & emphasis
A strong final statement
A word of thanks with a smile
You achieved.........
Main information of your speech
Present in a logical manner
Divide into 3-5 points
Contains 75 % of the information
Each point must be clearly supported & stated
Subordinate or supporting points can be added
Good examples illuminates
One second pause before you begin
Salutation- Short, simple, straight
Gain audience attention
Story Telling Style- Grabs attention
Famous quotes, phrases
Orients the listener to the topic
Prepares listeners to the topic
Dr. Sony J. Raj
St. Thomas University
Miami, Florida, USA

No over load of information
No memory omits
No long sentences
The Orator
Slow, steady, confident steps.
Move naturally
Formally well dressed.
A smile in the face.
Pleasant, pleasing, proud
Good eye contact- first to last
Microphone consciousness
Argumentative & convincing
Take your time..........
The Theme
Know the subject well
Materials organized properly
Rehearsal done in advance
Mirror appraisal / Peer
Variety of examples
Vocal changes / voice modulations
I came, I saw, I conquered !
Informative Speech
Oral Report
To explain
To instruct
To define
To clarify
To demonstrate
To teach
Persuasive Speech
Sales Pitching
To influence
To convince
To motivate
To sell
To preach
To stimulate
Evocative Speech
To entertain
To inspire
To celebrate
To bond
To commemorate
Impromptu Speech
Extempore Speech
Speak on the spur of the moment
No preparation time
Focus & present 2-3 main points
Clarity of argument is important
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