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Adolf Hitler

No description

Jessica Bylyku

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Profile: Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. At age 3, he moved from Austria to Germany and developed a quick sense of German pride. In 1914, Hitler was accepted into the German Army to fight in WWI, though he was still an Austrian citizen. When Germany surrendered and was forced to accept the terms of the Versailles Treaty, Hitler became bitter and more determined to change Germany. He began work as an intelligence officer and joined
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte
i (National Socialist German Workers) - and soon became its chairman. He gave inspiring speeches which showed his views on rival politicians, Marxists and Jews; He gained the support of millions, which paved his path to power.
Rise to Power
Change in Life
Under Hitler's command, the Nazi government established a totalitarian state. They used terror and force to control the citizens, and no one dared to speak against them. Hitler ended civil rights and put businesses under government control. He used propaganda and censored the press. He did raise the standard of living by giving Germans a belief to follow and someone to blame. Hitler and the Nazis blamed all of Germany's problems on a minority group - the Jews. He believed that Germans were superior to all other races and that they should build a new empire.
Hitler video
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Music: Ash by The Secession
Failures of WWI
Hitler was one of the most powerful people of the world during his time, so how exactly did he get there?
Rise to Power
Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated the throne at the end of WWI leaving Germany in chaos. Political parties fought with one another as the government (Weimar Republic) took on the terms of the Versailles Treaty. The people of Germany were unemployed and in desperate need of a leader. Germany was essentially broken. Hitler took this opportunity to enforce strict rules that he believed would bring back Germany's power.
In 1921, Hitler became leader of National Socialist German Workers party, also known as the Nazis. In the next two years inflation and terrible economic conditions followed, yet the Nazi party continued to attract thousands of followers. Hitler prepared speeches and planned marches to grow awareness on his political ideas and as a result was thrown into prison in 1923. Following his release from prison, Hitler continued to expand the Nazi Party.
By 1930, the Nazi party had roughly 6.5 million supporters. In 1932, Adolf Hitler came in second to Hindenburg for the presidential elections. Hitler was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg, but in 1934 Hitler became supreme leader of Germany, for Hindenburg was dead.
Hitler Youth
The Nazi party was so powerful and intimidating that Hitler began to include the younger generations. He implemented programs that would brainwash adolescents, and no one questioned it because of the fear he created. The Hitler Youth and The League of German Girls shaped the beliefs and actions of the German youth. These programs helped Hitler to control the generation that could potentially overthrow him.
Fall of Hitler
Besides the planned murder of 6 million innocent Jews (Holocaust), Hitler started another world war that would go on to become one of the most destructive wars in history. He ruled Germany from 1934-1945, and during this time he brought Germany to its highest and lowest points.
On April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide along with his wife Eva in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin.
Profile: Hitler
Hitler was known to be an excellent speaker.
Andrew Bove, Jess Bylyku, Kat Donahue & Anthony Santos
Mrs. Mazurek
20th Century Global Studies 3
14 January 2015
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