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Employers-Introducing the new McCombs Job Board!

This presentation explains the new features on the McCombs Job Board and offers an overview of all the online recruiting tools available at the McCombs School of Business. Learn more at:

Amy Romero

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Employers-Introducing the new McCombs Job Board!

Introducing the New McCombs Job Board!
There are four university-operated job boards in which you can directly target students and/or alumni from the McCombs School of Business.
On-Campus Recruiting System/Symplicity (OCR)
McCombs Job Board (MJB)
Two of these are open to
all students at the university.
The other two job boards are exclusively accessible to students and alumni from the
McCombs School of Business.
Only open to current students
Intended for non-professional positions
Must be paid part-time jobs that meet the federal minimum wage requirements
Professional positions
Open to all colleges and schools within the university
Open to third-party recruiters
For current students, positions can be:
- Paid FT/PT/I positions
- Unpaid Internship positions
For alumni, positions can be:
- Paid FT/PT/I positions
*Paid can indicate salaried, hourly or commissioned-based pay.
On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)
Only for currently enrolled students
Open to full-time positions or 10-week+ full-time summer internships
Must be salaried, non-commission based positions
Recruiters posting jobs will have a McCombs Recruitment Services specialist to assist with strategy and position development
We're rolling out an entirely new software system with useful features to help you better recruit your future leaders from the McCombs School of Business!
Today we are going to exclusively look at the
McCombs Job Board

New Features
Easier Access
Accumulate Resumes Online
Option to Restrict Contact Information to Applicants
Cover Letters
Identify Years of Work Experience Required
Expanded Company Profiles
Mobile Access
Easier Access
Accumulate Resumes Online
Cover Letter
You may now request that applicants upload a cover letter for your review.
Preview Postings
Before and after you submit your job posting, you can view how it looks to applicants.
Years of Work Experience
You can designate what level of work experience your posting requires.
Expanded Company Profiles
As a company, you can display more information about work environment, compensation, benefits, etc. through your expanded company profile that is viewable to applicants.
Mobile Access
Use the McCombs Job Board on the go! Access it on your smart phone or tablet.
Employer View
Applicant resumes will now accumulate online. You no longer have to receive individual emails- unless that is your preference.
If you are already a McCombs OCR user, you can now jump between systems by clicking on "Jump to."
Additionally, your account is no longer associated with a UT EID. Your username is simply your email address.
Easier Access
We are very excited about these new features, and we hope you are as well!
If you have any questions as you start using the new system, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Now, let's get started!
Click here to go to the McCombs Job Board:
Thank you for watching!
Using Prezi
In this presentation we are going to go over some of those new features.
First, let's quickly review all of the recruiting tools available at the McCombs School of Business.
Option to Restrict Information
Since resumes can be collected online, you no longer are required to display your contact information to applicants with each posting.
If you do not already have an account on the McCombs Job Board, you will need to request one. (Link on the upcoming slide)
You can immediately post a position when you request your account, or you can wait until your registration has been approved then log-in and "Create Job Postings."
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