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Linkedin and Business Development

B2B strategies with Professional Social Networks

Jordi Gili

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Linkedin and Business Development

Business Development
B2B strategies with Professional Social Networks
Jordi Gili
II. Set your Business Goal
Take your time to reflect on your Goal.
It's the hardest part!
My Product
There are many Channels available to achieve virtual presence
And will they find me?
Now you are ready for Take off!
Surfacing the competition
Social Media Marketing Plan
Know your product
With only 100 connections you are visible to over 1 million users
Position yourself based on

Market value
Appetite to be attractive
Cost of opportunity
Value of your spare time
Use your virtual profile as a marketing show case
Orient it towards your professional goal
Tell your story. Make it attractive!
Pursue your objective
Think about your Professional "Headline".
It will your potential target's first impression of you
He is wasting a great opportunity to communicate!
He is communicating effectively
Ready to make some clients!!!!
"Branding is a sub-product of communication"
Be Strategic!!
III. Strategic Marketing Plan
What, Who, How
PLC, Market, Positioning, Porter
SWOT, Key Success Factors
Strategic Objectives, Positioning proposal
Marketing Plan
Almost 70% of professionals in Europe are on Linkedin.
The opportunity is there to promote yourself above competitors.
Range of Services
Differentiation from competitors
Key selling messages
Quality vs competition
I. Introduction
II. Set Business Goal
III. Strategic Marketing Plan
IV. Marketing
The Social Media Marketing Plan
V. Sales
The Social Media Sales Plan
VI. Summary
Why Linkedin?
OK, I'm on Linkedin ...
... now WHAT?
Business Development: Marketing and Sales
I. Introduction
Build a Brand
VI. Social Media Sales Plan
I. Set Revenue target
II. Decide on Social Media Channel
III. Develop Specific Sales plan for each channel
IV. Resource the sales initiative adequately according
to Sales Plan (Investment - €)
Marketing + Sales = THE Definitive Sales Cycle

Telco Eng, MBA MKTG

Partner at Execus
Partner at Tomsawyer

Author of
"Sell! with Linkedin"
Time for a Break

20 min

Before we leave: Questions?
Promotion Checklist
Welcome back!

We finished Marketing

Now into sales.

- You are a Sales Director of a $10M B2B Business
- MD tells you to build a 2.0 Sales practice to $1M in 1 year
- Design a Sales Plan for new unit:
Proforma P&L
Detailed Expenses
Active Sales Strategy
Key points: CRM integration, Team integration
Twitter: Chase the LEAD - Socedo
Linkedin: The virtuous SALES Cycle - Sales Navigator
Real Case: P&L of Social Media Sales Plan
This is not a manual, but a
Business Development with Professional Social Networks
Inbound - Passive Strategies - Marketing

Outbound - Active Strategies - Sales
IV. Marketing
Inbound - Passive

V. Sales
Outbound - Active

VI. Summary

Set Business Goal
Strategic Marketing Plan
The Social Media Marketing Plan
The Social Media Sales Plan
Description Line is KEY
Design Profile to SELL
Make your contact info visible
Include websites to showcase your services
Update status once a week
Share Relevant professional updates
Contribute (join groups, Q&A)
Discussion Personal Profile vs. Corporate Profile?
Shift your settings to adjust as needed
Ask for recommendations
Participating in Q&A positions you as a Subject Matter Expert in front of a very large audience
Join Groups, answer questions, make questions
Develop Network: Invite, follow, engage, ask, give
Proactively send invitations to peers, managers, collaborators, clients, providers, Send invitations to ex- …
Forward News, Events ... share!
1. Search
2. Intelligence
3. Contact

... But which are more useful ?
with over 200 Million users (Jan 2013) , more than 5 times larger than the follower ... if you only can dedicate 20 min. a day to work on your presence, where would you focus your efforts?
Today's 2.0 tools enable the jump
from physical presence
... to virtual global presence
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