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Assassination of JFK

No description

Krisjan Tacata

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Assassination of JFK

The Assassination of JFK November 22, 1963.
12:30 pm. Dallas, Tx
President John F Kennedy
is assassinated Just Before 12:30 pm Kennedy's limosine entered Dealey Plaza and slowly approached the Texas School Book Depository. When the limo turned and continued Elm street shots were fired. Witnesses heard three. As the limo continues on Elm Street, President Kennedy, governor Connally and Mrs. Kennedy were waving from left to right. Immediately within seconds the first shot was fired, penetrating the President's throat, damaging his spinal verterbra and top of the lungs. The shot made his elbows raise up and lean his body forward to the left. The second shot missed. 4.92 seconds passed enough time for the sniper to reload his bolt-action rifle. The third shot penetrated through the President's rear and right side of his head. Spilling head matter, brain, blood and brain fragments on the interior of the car and the interior of police motorcycles and secret service cars. According to Goverment investigations Lee Harvey Oswald
and 'two other men' were responsible for the shootings of
JFK. The Warren Commission report conluded that the bullets
came from a 6.5 mm Italian Carbine, that Oswald purchased under
the name "A.Hidell" earlier during his attempt to assassinate
Major General Edwin Walker. Days before the assassination of JFK, Oswald returned to Dallas after fleeing to Mexico because of his criminal activity. He found a job working at Texas School Book Depository, which was one block where the president's limo would pass through the lone gunmen theory The day before the assassination, Oswald asked his co-worker Bueller Wesley Frazier a ride to Irving, saying he had to pick up some curtains. The next morning, after leaving $170 and his wedding ring, returned to Dallas, carrying a long paper bag. Oswald was last seen by a co-worker 30 minutes before the assassination. Was concluded by the Warren Commission that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by only one gunmen, Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired 3 shots from his rifle Reasons why Lee Harvey Oswald could have been the only shooter Notice how the sniper's nest(Texas School Book Depository) and the direction of the firing, could have only shot the president at the back of the head. Notice how the shots fired on Kennedy, show how it could have only been fired through the back of him Sources:
http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_MOBQY/15_8_53/a_n19131646 Amos Lee Evins a ninth grader at the time of the assassination. Was standing on the corner of Elm&Houston, saw the president. Evins waved at the President and Kennedy waved back. As the car went behind the black and white sign, he then heard 1 shot. Looked around into the red brick building (Texas School Book Depository), saw a man through a window behind boxes, shoot 2 more times. It looked like the man was using an automatice rifle. He was a white man w/ no hat.
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