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Electrical Circuits

By Jayda & Lily

Lily Symes-Peschel

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Electrical Circuits

Electrical Circuits Materials Relevance We are trying to investigate how long a light
bulb lasts using lemons, potatoes and onions as
the power source. Experiment By Jayda & Lily copper pennies
4 2-3 inches galvanized nails
4 lemons
4 potatoes
4 onions
copper wire
stop watch
2 volt light bulb If the lemon has the highest acidity compared to the onion and potato then the light bulb will work more effectively when attached to the lemon. Hypotheses In future, people can use this information to create light in a power failure. Also, if people are experiencing financial issues they could modify this experiment to create a long-lasting power source. 1.Firstly, you must collect all of your materials.
2.Now, insert the nails and pennies into the power source.
3.Next, connect the four nails and the pennies together with the copper wire.
4.Then, connect the light to the pennies and the light should turn on.

If this doesn't work then the light bulb voltage may be too high for the chosen amount of lemons. Procedure Although the light bulb didn't work, we still learnt that chemical reactions take place which create energy. This can be shown, as the coating of the pennies dissolved after being placed in the lemon for while. Conclusion LEMON
The lemon as the power source failed to light the bulb. If the lemons were to light the bulb more lemons would have been needed, or a smaller voltage light bulb such as an LED light.

The potato as the power source failed to light the bulb. If the potatoes were to light the bulb then many more potatoes would of been needed. Results The onion as the power source failed to light the bulb. If the onions were to light the bulb a few more onions would have been needed. ONION
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