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No description

Ka Zoua Moua

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of nono

About Me I Love Hula Dance. I am from Tokyo, Japan.
I was born on April 17, 2001. My Name Is Nonoka Selina Mori. Dad) Satoru
Mom) Michele
Me) Nonoka
Brother) Shohei My Family TV) Disney Channel
Color) Purple, Pink
Movie) Harry Potter My Favorites Is to be a biologist!! My Dream The End My Old Class Mates By: Nonoka Mori By: Nonoka Selina Mori Hula Dance My Power Points I chose hula dance for my presentation because I love hula dance and I did hula dance for 4 years!! A long time ago girls were not allowed
to hula dance, just boys.
When girls dance they have to have long hair. Did You Know? I love the song called
Aloha OE. My favorite They wear a flower necklace called a lay and they wear dresses or skirts.
They swing their hips.
They wear tops. They wear pants when they dance.
They dance low.
They do not wear tops. Girls Boys Difference between boy/girl dances ‘Ami: Rotate hips counterclockwise.
Hela: Point right foot forward, bring back, then point left foot forward, then bring back.
Huli: rotate around wile swaying the hips.
Kaholo: A kaholo is more like sliding steps, rather then lifting the foot as you move.
Ka’o: sway hips by shifting weight to the right side and lift left hill. Then shift weight to the left and lift right heel.
Lele: Step right, then left, either forward or back. Basic Hula Steps

Ipu Instruments Thank you!!! The end!! I did it for 4 years. Honohula tikitiki uliuli
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