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Copy of OB/GYN- Math

In this Prezi I will show you how a OB/GYN is related to Math

Haley Jordan

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of OB/GYN- Math

How OB/GYN's are related to math! By: Haley Jordan 1.) My occupation that I
am interested in is to be a OB/GYN. Which is also a doctor that delivers Babies. The specific name for OB is Obstetrician and the Specific name for a GYN is a Gynecologist. Specific Names 2.) My occupation is a doctor that delivers Babies. They serve the country by bringing newborns in the world! They are also very special for helping other people with troubles. 3.) An OB/GYN works any where from 30 to 40 hours per week. You do not get any summers off. You will get one day off out of 7 weeks. I could be called in to go to work 5 hours after my shift is over. 4.) Being an OB/GYN is related to math because you would figure up about how many pounds or ounces a baby would weigh before it was born. They would do that because of their calculations. When ever the mother-to-be is going to give birth the doctor has to figure up their Pelvic measurement when starting to go into Labor. Like whenever they go into labor they have to measure where the babies head is at. The max that it is supposed to be is 8 cm. They would have to do that everyday. They would also use it to measure the length and measurement of a Newborn baby. A doctor uses a Ultrasound Machine. 5.) The Salary of a OB/GYN is $200,000-$300,000 yearly. They make about $19,000 per month. That is almost $5,000 per week! That is alot of Money! The more patients you see the more money you make. Or also known with experience the more patients you see the more money we make. Hospitals such as Forsyth Medical Center, Brenners Childrens Hospital. Then some of the Businesses are Foothills Center for Women.
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