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WMU-CEAS Overview

No description

Ashley McCann

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of WMU-CEAS Overview

Engineering & Applied Science Programs
Aeronautical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Construction Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Design Technology
Engineering Management Technology
Graphic and Printing Science
Industrial & Entrepreneurial Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering (Muskegon/Battle Creek campuses)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Paper Engineering
Engineering - Undecided
Master's Programs
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Paper Engineering
Co-Ops & Internships
Alternating: Work semester full-time, no classes
Parallel: Work semester part-time, take classes full-time
Summer internships: Work summer full-time, optional class
*Almost 50% of students accept permanent positions
with their co-op employer*

Engineer Your Career
Engineering Expo: Over 100 companies represented
Michigan Industry Road Trip: Spring Break
Career Advising at Parkview: Appts & Walk-ins
Research Centers
CAViDS/CHEAR: Computer simulated technology for vehicle design & analysis/battery & hybrid electric vehicle drive testing facility
CAPE: Printed electronics for sensors, RFIDs, flexible displays, etc.
Green Manufacturing Initiative (MRC): creation of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly processes and products
Human Performance Institute: ergonomics, human factors, work design, and safety
CEAS Transfer Scholarship: $6000, 4 semesters
Other scholarships vary by departments
Ashley McCann
CEAS Outreach & Recruitment
Graduate Assistant

Scot Conant
CEAS Outreach & Recruitment
Academic Advising
Advising by both staff and faculty
Meet at least once a semester (early!)
Transfer guides available online
Tours of Parkview
Mon-Thurs @ 1 pm
Fri-Sat @ 2 pm
Come visit us!
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