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ecosystems by lily

No description

M2K Kids

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of ecosystems by lily

what is a coral reef?
a coral reef is a ecosystem with animals that have traits to help them survive .
THIS IS A fish from the coral reefs
ecosystems by lily
the tropical rain forest is warm and rainy.some animals that live there is butterflies, tree frogs, monkeys, and parrots.
the tropical rain forest!
this is a tiger from the tropical rain forest
the dessert is hot and dry durind the day and is very cold during the night .coyotes, desert tortoises lizzards, and snakeslive there.
the dessert!!
an animal in the desert
the tundra is usully cold with little rain. polar bears and artic foxes live in the tundra.
animals from the tundra
the taiga
the taiga is where many animals live. there isnt alot about the taigia.
an animal of the taiga
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