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Science Fair 2013-2014

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lauren heil

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair 2013-2014

Science Fair 2013-2014
Types of Projects
What are you interested in?
Question/Topic Discovery
Visit http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral website and follow these commands:
Click on Step 1: Getting Started
On the left, click Choose a Project idea
Choose the topic that you're interested in and the subtopic.
Look at the testable questions that you wrote for ideas.
Write a hypothesis in order to test your science fair question.

If (independent variable), then (dependent variable).
What is a Science Fair Project?
Answers a scientific question or topic
individualized and unique
inquiry based
hands-on and/or experimental
follows scientific method
in depth and long term project
Science Fair
Showcases all of the projects in which winners will be chosen.
You will get a chance to explain your projects to others (parents, peers, lower & upper school students).
"Research Scientists"

Think of a role of a scientist...
Investigators find out things for themselves.

An investigation is a science fair project that uses the scientific method to carry out an investigation (finding an answer to a question/problem).

During an investigation, students:
Begin with a question based on a scientific problem
Develops a hypothesis for the answer
Designs & conducts an experiment to test the hypothesis
Measures & collects data
Documents & analyzes the results
Draws a conclusion
Inventors are engineers who design and make things that will solve problems. They are good problem solvers and think "outside-of-the-box".

An invention is an original design that serves purpose and solves a problem. It can be something that improves an object previously invented by someone else or takes it in a completely different direction.

Engineering uses the scientific method:
Begins with a good question
using appropriate materials
collecting data
making sense of the data to verify the results
Presenting the results for others to review
Write 3 broad questions (look through your weekly questions) or topics about earth science that you're interested in.
Earth Science
Write 3 broad questions (look through your weekly questions) or topics about life science that you're interested in.
Life Science
Write 3 broad questions (look through your weekly questions) or topics about physical science that you're interested in.
Physical Science
Testable Question
Testable questions are those that can be answered through hands-on investigation. The difference between a broad question and a testable question is that testable questions are always about changing one thing (a variable) to see the effect on another object. Begin with who, what, why, where, when, and how questions.

Validate your science fair question
: will the investigation or building the design take more than the time allotted between now and the science fair?
: can you obtain the materials that will be required? Will the cost be too much?
: are the tools and other materials safe for you to use? Will an adult be available to help with anything that might not be safe for you to do alone?
: is the topic something that you can understand? Will the research require you to read things that are too hard?
Animal care
: if you are going to do anything with animals, will they be kept safe?

Make Brainstorming Webs for each category of Science.
It all begins with a QUESTION or INTEREST
animals/human body
human behavior
Earth Science testable questions
How does the surface affect the rate at which it is warmed?
How is the weather affected by the moon ?
Which method is best for melting icy pavement?
Which type of soil can hold the most water?
Which structure of model house is best at withstanding a model earthquake?
How do fins on a rocket affect its flight?
Life Science Testable Questions
Which parts of a bean seed are needed to grow a healthy bean plant?
How does surface affect the travel rate of a caterpillar?
How does moisture affect the tunneling ability of ants?
Which brand of skin moisturizer lasts the longest?
What conditions improve short term memory?
Physical Science Testable Questions
How does temperature affect the brewing of tea?
What is the best shape for a parachute?
Which conditions produce the best echo?
How does exposure to sunlight affect the strength of a plastic bag?
What is the best way to remove wrinkles from fabric?
Peer Review
A peer will critically examine your science fair question. The peer will write comments:
1. Is the question/topic testable? Can the science question be tested at home or school?
2. Do you have questions or concerns about this science fair question or topic?
Research your topic/question
Rather than starting from scratch in putting together a plan for answering your question, you want to be a savvy scientist!

Can you actually conduct this experiment at home or school?

Use the library and Internet research to help you find the best way to do things and insure that you don't repeat mistakes from the past!

Find at least 2 sources and use note cards to keep track of them.
Submit your QUESTION
Submit your science fair question to your teacher.

Turn in 3 sources
Peer Review
Does this hypothesis make sense?

Can it test what the question is asking?
Experimental Design
Controlled Variables
- you will keep constant, doesn't change
Independent Variable (manipulated)
- the ONE variable that you will change to cause and test the effect
Dependent Variable (responding)
- the ONE effect that you will measure
Get approved by teacher!
1. Write the background information from each source on a separate note card OR the graphic organizer.
2. Organize the research into a well written paragraph.
3. Create a works cited page.
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