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Commonwealth Games.

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games.
By Aaron Jennings
delivering the Games. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the City of Glasgow and Scotland. Along with our key partners, the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Commonwealth Games Scotland, we’re absolutely committed to delivering an outstanding Games – one that will be an exemplar for future Organising Committees.
Badminton players are the gymnasts of racquet sports. Watch as they lunge, stretch and leap, sending the shuttle flying across the court.

Widely regarded as the fastest racquet sport in the world, with shuttles travelling at more than 300km/h, Badminton will feature on all 11 days of the Games programme.

Six Gold medal events will take in Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles, Mixed Doubles and a combined Mixed Team event.

Singles and Doubles competitions will consist of a straight knockout draw, while the Mixed Team match will be contested over a range of preliminary rounds before a Finals knockout format reveals the eventual winners.

Competition will take centre stage across six purpose-built courts at the Emirates Arena.

To purchase tickets for this sport please visit the Glasgow 2014 Ticketing website tickets.glasgow2014.com

Squash is a highly energetic racquet sport that requires outstanding levels of fitness, combined with a deft touch for precise ball placement within the enclosed field of play.

In this traditionally strong Commonwealth sport, athletes will contest individual Men’s and Women’s Singles events and pair up across Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles competitions, where the width of the court is increased to allow for four players.

Competition will take place at Scotstoun Sports Campus, where new permanent courts will be utilised in preliminary rounds.

Medal matches will take place under the lens of a purpose-built glass-walled show court, providing spectators with viewing angles from all four sides.

Expect pace, excitement and a masterful display of skills and stamina.

Table Tennis is a spectacle of accuracy and speed, with split-second athlete reactions required to keep the ball in play.

Competition will take place at the Scotstoun Sports Campus, where up to 10 competition tables, including two main show courts, will see athletes contest singles and doubles events as well as dedicated team events in the quest for Glasgow 2014 Gold.

Since making its debut at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Table Tennis remains a strong sport amongst Commonwealth nations, and the spin, speed and skill of the game are sure to be displayed across 10 days of competition in Glasgow.

Combining three unique and challenging disciplines – swimming, cycling and running – Triathlon demonstrates the overall fitness, skill and endurance of some of the world’s most talented athletes.

Athletes start with a 1,500-metre open-water swim before switching to a 40-kilometre road cycle, finishing with a challenging 10-kilometre run. Depending on an athlete’s individual strength, strategy plays a major role in trying to stay ahead of the pack.

Glasgow 2014 sees the inclusion of a Mixed Relay event for the very first time at the Commonwealth Games. This innovative format consists of two men and two women. Each athlete completes a ‘super-sprint’ triathlon of swimming, biking and running, before tagging off to their next team mate.

Triathlon action will take place in and around the Strathclyde Country Park on the outskirts of Glasgow. It is expected that this energetic and exciting sport will attract large audiences to support the male and female athletes as they strive for Gold medal success.

Venue: Strathclyde Country Park [Satellite]

Watch out for: Australia, New Zealand and Canada have so far toughed it out for Commonwealth Games Triathlon medals and they will most likely be the nations to beat in 2014.

Weightlifting requires gravity-defying strength, as male and female athletes heft huge weights into the air with every lift.

It is a competition of physical and mental toughness, where athletes compete according to 15 pre-determined body-weight categories and must record the biggest lift in their division to claim the Gold medal.

The Games will also include a Powerlifting competition for Para-Sport athletes, where weights will be bench-pressed into the air from a stationary position, with individual bodyweight and technique playing a major role in determining the overall medallists.

Spectators will experience the intensity and drama of this competition at the SECC Precinct.

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