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HBS Reflexes Project

Can Music Affect our Reflexes?

Alejandra Cervantes

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of HBS Reflexes Project

Can Music Affect Our Reflexes? By Alejandra
Cervantes Kasandra
Gonzalez And Introduction In our experiment we decided to test reflexes using music. The cause of this experiment was to see if our reflexes are affected while music is playing. During this experiment we listen to different genres of music. These genres include dance,rock,pop,house,classical,and a corrido. Research and Current Ideas ink something . Procedure Materials A can (empty or with contents)
A stick (length dependent on size of can)
Balloon (color does not matter)
Chicken seeds (can be egg laying formula or performance bird formula)
Excel program Steps Find a work space
Obtain a can
Obtain a flat wooden stick.
Take the flat stick. and tape it to the can at a perpendicular angle.
Take the balloon and fill it with bird seeds using a cup.
Tie the balloon closed.
Set up Excel Program Getting Ready... While Experimenting... Place balloon full of bird seeds on one side of the stick (this should cause that side to touch the floor)
Stand in front of lever.
Step on side of stick that is not touching the ground and attempt to catch chicken seed filled balloon
Repeat last three steps 1o times and record information on an excel spreadsheet.
Now that results are recorded repeat the last four steps again but his time with different genres of music. While constructing this experiment we learned that music can stimulate the release of hormones such as endorphins and phenylethylamine and trigger neural impulses. Endorphines are hormones that increase heart rate and help the brain focus more clearly and help you become more alert to your surrounding environment. Studies show that music quickened response time. Studies also showed that variety music was much more effective than classical music. A study published in the Sport Psychologist showed that faster music elicited more pleasant and aroused emotional states in the athletes. in conclusion, listening to music can allow you to perform better. Hypothesis If I listen to music, then my reflexes will be heightened. Independent Variable: Depended Variable: Music Reflexes As shown on our graph, during our first trial with out music, Kasandra was able to receive the balloon seven times out of ten as was Alejandra.
Our studies show that when listening to classical music, Kasandra's reflexes heightened causing her to catch the chicken food filled balloons each time. As for Alejandra, her reflexes we"re at their highest during the corrido, where she as well managed to receive the chicken food filled balloon. Kasandra Alejandra Data and Observations Conclusion Our hypothesis was correct, if we listen to music then our reflexes will be heightened. http://www.livestrong.com/article/272875-how-does-music-affect-your-reflexes/ Summary In conclusion our results showed that not one specific genre of music affects us equally, but does indeed affect our reflexes. After experimenting we believe that music affects us all differently. It all depends on what type of music that specific person is comfortable with, for some it may be fast paced and for other it may be slow paced music. On the other hand, some people are not affected by genres of music, but only get better as they continuously try the same thing over and over again. Safety Precautions Don't step on the smaller part of the stick.
Make sure surrounding area is free for movement.
If you are the one observing the experiment take place be sure to be alert at all times.
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