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World History 10: Ch 19 Sec 3: Japan Returns to Isolation- Mr. Ammerman

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Jon Ammerman

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of World History 10: Ch 19 Sec 3: Japan Returns to Isolation- Mr. Ammerman

Chapter 19 Section 3
Japan Returns to Isolation A New Feudalism Under Strong Leaders Local Lords Rule
Civil War- Japan separated into separate kingdoms
"Warring States" 1467-1568
Daimyo - Japanese Lords - Feudalism New Leaders Restore order
Oda Nobumaga (oh-Dah Noh-boo-nah-gah)
"Rule by Force"- Seized Imperial Capital Kyoto
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Toh-you-toh-mee)
Invades Korea Tokugawa Shogunate United Japan
Completes Unification (Moves Capital to Edo)
"Alternate Attendance Policy"
Tokugawa Shogunate holds power until 1867 Life in Tokugawa Japan Society in Tokugawa Japan
Structured hierarchy Emperor at top- Figurehead
Shogun- Military commander (actual Ruler)
Daimyo- similar to Lord in Feudal Europe
Samurai- Japanese Warrior
Peasants/ Artisans followed Confucian Values
Agriculture, not merchants Culture Under the Tokugawa Shogunate
Kabuki Theater Contact Between Europe & Japan 1st Encounter 1543- Portuguese
European Goods Follow
Clocks, Firearms, Tobacco Daimyo interested in Firearms & Cannons Christian Missionaries 1st okay with Missionaries
Then thought to undermine authority
decide Christianity was root of protest Closed Country Policy When Christians Arrived, no central authority
Liked trade, not much else
Eventually close country to outsiders
One Port- Nagasaki
Only Dutch & Chinese Allowed
Japanese could not leave
Japan develops into self-sufficent country, stagnation
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