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RUNNERS: An Effective Comprehension Reading Strategy

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Missy Toomey

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of RUNNERS: An Effective Comprehension Reading Strategy

Question Methodology RUNNERS: An Exploration Of an Effective Comprehension Strategy Missy Toomey
2nd Grade Teacher
K-5 Title 1 School
WNC App Mountains What is an effective reading strategy that students can use for comprehending reading passages, specially informational text? Three 3rd grade diagnostic placement test comprehension passages were given over three days, one passage at a time. Introduction The purpose of reading
is comprehension An Effective Reader: Makes sense of what they read Activates prior knowledge to solidify meaning in their mind Use specific reading comprehension for informational text To comprehend text readers should break text in a way that the reader is able to internalize the information Comprehension is key for readers to understand, retain and communicate what they read There are not many strategies for deconstructing text, especially informational text R-Read the title and any introduction at the top, Predict
what will happen, and determine genre.
U-Underline key words in the questions.
N-Notice any numbered paragraphs and text features.
N-Now, read the selection and as you read, highlight key
words and clues.
E-Eliminate any wrong answers as you reread the questions.
R-Reread all answer choices.
S-select the best anwser! Other possible comprehension strategies RUNNERS is an acronym for racing toward reading success Each letter in RUNNERS stands for a strategy that helps children understand their reading selection better. Read aloud - The opportunity is not always there, especially without an IEP Sustained silent reading - necessary for child to develop positive attitude toward reading and foster habit of reading for information and enjoyment, however teacher has no way of knowing if student is comprehending Participants Five second grade students who are considered below grade level from same class participated in the study Two female Four male Two days later...students were taught the RUNNERS reading comprehension strategy Each step What it means How to apply it The only instructions given were reading the directions to the students The passages were nonfiction and students were not told how they scored Students and I worked closely for three days applying the RUNNERS strategy to two nonfiction passages and one fictional letter, one per day The same three 3rd grade diagnostic placement test comprehension passages were given to the students over three days, one at a time...this time they were given their RUNNERS bookmark for them to apply their strategy Results Educational Importance Lowest reading level in class So much to be proud of! Started 2nd grade at K level/now reading and comprehending on 2nd grade level Comprehension is foundational to a child's learning. How fluent a child reads is irrelevant if the child is unable to comprehend what it is that they have read.
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