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Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

No description

Laura Cody

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

This girl named Victoria is a dog sledder. She is going to some one's house and sees someone who crashed a snowmobile into a tree. She took him and fixed his wound and he says his name is Chris. She is trying to get them both home. It doesn't help that her dogs run away and get tangled up. She is only 14 and has to take care of a 16 year old as well as herself. Will she get home or not read to find out.( get book from Mrs. Gray)
This book is a fiction book

Victoria: a dog sledder and in total she has 16 dogs. Her dad died when she was little. She has been having trouble with her mom.

Chris: A 16 year old who ran into a tree. He had just moved to Alaska from a big city. He was foud by Victoria wereing only jeans and a ski jacket.
well wrighten
five stars
prezi by Sally
you are so cool!!!!
Thanks For Watching
Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson
This book is the best book in the history of the book- author's mom
This book is a suspenseful winter survival. I found it authentic- Will Hobbs

This book is by a girl who knows her mushing- Carol Estby Dagg
Five Adjectives
Everyone, this book was so cool !
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