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ASSURE Instruction Design Model

Edte 660

Lindsay Botha

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of ASSURE Instruction Design Model

ASSURE Instructional Design Model
A- Analyze Learners
Conduct surveys
Research demographics
Determine learners' preferred learning styles
Proctor and evaluate pretests
Define entry competencies
S- State Objectives
A — Analyze Learners

S — State Standards & Objectives

S — Select Strategies, Technology, Media & Materials

U — Utilize Technology, Media & Materials

R — Require Learner Participation

E — Evaluate & Revise
S- Select Strategies,Technology, Media, & Materials
Select Strategies-instructional strategies/methods are selected based on what the instructional planner believes are the most appropriate for teaching chosen objectives

Select Technology/Media- texts, pictures, audio, videos, or multi-media

Select Materials- available materials, modify materials or create new materials
By Lindsay Botha
Constructivist Model
Developed by Robert Heinich and Michael Molenda of Indiana University and James D. Russell of Purdue University
Based on Gagne's
Events of Instruction
U-Utilize Technology, Media & Materials
R- Require Learner Participation
E- Evaluate & Revise
Dick & Carey Model
Active Engagement
Collaborative Learning
Small Groups
Hands on Activities
Creating Products
Evaluating and assessing learners, media, materials and methods takes place during this final step and throughout all steps of this model. Reflecting on observations and revising lessons, media, materials and methods is the final phase of the ASSURE model.
State learning objectives
Intended outcomes
Consider state/national standards
Identify content/skills to be learned
Conditions of performance
Set proficiency/accuracy standards
Preview materials
Prepare materials & environment

Provide learning experience/instruction
Have a plan B, technology can malfunction

-Both have the same general planning elements, ASSURE bunches multiple Dick & Carey components together.

-ASSURE is general used in courses which utilizes a variety of learning tools (mainly technology based).

- In the ASSURE model you select media whereas in the Dick & Carey Model you select materials.

-Dick & Carey focuses on Instructional Strategies while ASSURE focuses on Design Methods.
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