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How to Land an Interview - With the Best Resume

Questia.com helps graduates on the fast-track towards their career, while helping students with their research papers. For more help on writing research papers, get your 1-day free trial at questia.com/free-trial.

Debra Lee

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of How to Land an Interview - With the Best Resume

Make your resume stand out
You're not the only
one applying for the
job or internship, so
make sure that the
design of your
resume stands out.
Font type and size
Hiring managers skim through resumes, so make sure the format of your resume is neat and easy to navigate through.
You want to make your resume as easy to read as possible. Stick to basic sans serif fonts (sans the fancy red parts highlighted).
Avoid font sizes lower than 11pt. They won't be able to read it if the font is tiny!
White Space
Or, the space in between the text, makes reading easier on the eyes. Give your resume enough space, but don't let it limit how much you can put on your resume.
The Masthead
This is where the title of your resume, or name is. Make this font larger than the rest of the body of your resume. You want them to remember your name.

If you're not sure what to include in your resume, brainstorm all of your accomplishments.

Time to really flatter yourself.

Remember to use actionable verbs
List your best accomplishments from the top and go down.

Your accomplishments will help you identify what duties or responsibilities are applicable to the position you are applying for.
Also be sure to use
Tailor your resume to highlight what makes you most qualified for the job.
Dropping job-specific keywords into your description helps a lot.
But don't go overboard! Stick with your true capabilities and make sure that your description reads fluidly.
Don't forget to talk yourself up!
Proofread, spell-check, copyedit, and repeat!
We can't express how CRITICAL checking for
mistakes is for your resume.

Use spell-check, check it yourself, and have
someone else check it for you.
Try to stay away from superlatives (self-flattering terms) such as "highly skilled" or "very motivated".
Just let your job history speak for itself.
Best of luck to you!
Helping graduates onto the fast-track towards a successful career, while helping students write better research papers faster.

for your free-trial!

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