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How To Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 22: He's Blind For a Reason, You Know

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Biak Tial

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of How To Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 22: He's Blind For a Reason, You Know

"He's Blind for a Reason, You Know" How To Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 22 Physical representation of a metaphorical blindness to circumstance

Blindness is metaphorical, a failure to see—reality, love, truth, etc.

The blind see and sighted are blind

Darkness - blindness
Light - sight

Why is the character blind? What does it represent? What does it foreshadow?

Point is to help us notice things: present them in the beginning Why blind characters? -Abandoned after father hears prophecy from Teiresias (who is blind) that he is to kill his father and marry his mother
-Adopted & searches for the truth
-Gets in fight with father and kills him (unknowingly)
-Solves riddle and saves kingdom - rewarded by queen's hand in marriage (mother) Oedipus Rex -The street the narrator lives on is blind
-Boy is blinded by love about a girl
-Talk about the Araby bazaar
-Girl can't go so boy decides to get something for her
-Turns out to be just halls and exhibits
-Sees himself for the fool he was for believing her "Araby" -Two men (Didi & Gogo) wait for Godot who they say they know well but barely know at all
-Do things to pass the time (eat, sleep, sing, play games, contemplate suicide etc)
-Play writer waits until the second act to introduce blind character (weird~)
-Lucky (cruel master) and Pozzo try to relieve boredom
-Lucky turns blind and Pozzo escorts him -- not mean anymore Waiting for Godot
& Blindness -Teiresias is blind but knows the truth
-After kingdom falls into bad times, Teiresias tells him it's the King's fault
-Finds the truth about himself and makes himself blind
-Throughout story - references to light and darkness -"Blind" directs reader towards how he peeks, gazes etc in dark shadows & places bathed in light
-Makes reader feel as if there is more depth to story -In Blindness, blindness is introduced in the beginning
-John realizes all of life's possibilities
-Small boy throws rock inside carriage window & becomes blind The Cay -WWII breaks out & Timothy and mom try to escape but ship get's torpedoed
-Stranded on island with Philip
-First awkward because Philip is black & Timothy white (prejudice)
-Relationship grows, hate is gone -Mast hits Philip in the head and he is left blind
-Allows Philip to enjoy the world using other sensations
-Appreciates world in new way (rain) -- true sight
-After losing eyesight, gains insight on human beings Blind Dating -Blind guy agrees to go on a couple dates to find his ideal girl
-Tries to assure his dates that it's not a big deal he's blind
-Falls in love with an Indian girl whose parents don't approve of a non-Indian man Works Cited http://www.shmoop.com/the-cay/summary.html

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