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The Clown's Hat Problem

Problem Solving Y5

stacy leckey

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Clown's Hat Problem

The Clown's Hat Problem A Clown's hat has three
bobbles. Each bobble can be red, green or blue. Your mission (should you choose to accept it), is to find out how many different hats you can make.

You must use a system to find every possible way of using these three colours to make different hats. You cannot have the same combination twice. What combinations could
you have? Think about our five steps
to problem solving:

1. Read and think
2. Choose a strategy
3. Experiment
5. Report and record The problem-solving strategies

1. Reason logically
2. Make a conjecture and test it with particular examples
3. Work backwards
4. Trial and improvement
5. Look for a pattern
6. Make an organised list or table
7. Try a simpler case
8. Act out the situation
9. Draw a picture or diagram or make a model.
You will be working with a partner for this problem solving activity.
Discuss which strategy you will use.
Use the trial and improvement strategy with the counters to test out
When you are happy that you have discovered all the possibilities with
NO duplicates, use the other A3 sheet to record.

Happy problem solving! WALT: To represent a puzzle or problem by identifying and recording information or calculations needed to solve it;
To organise work and refine ways of recording
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