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My Family Heritage Project

No description

Norma Hattar

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of My Family Heritage Project

Jordan My Family Heritage Siblings Parents Grandma/ Grandpa Climate Lawrence Fraih Hattar, born in 2003 - living. Enaam Fraih Hattar,
born in 1980 - living. cheese
cracked wheat
flat bread
yogurt Jordanians mostly have a little rain fall at any time but mostly in summer. Fraih Issa Hattar,
born in 1971 - living. Norma Fraih Hattar, (ME!) born in 2002 - living. Essa Fraih Hattar, born in 2000 - living. Hannah Frhan Hattar, born in 1930 - living. Alia Fraih Sweis, born in 1956 - living. Yacoub Frhan Sweis, born in 1953 - living. physical land features coffee
fruit juice
mineral water
soft drinks
tea many jordanian meals begin with a snack food,
followed by soup, a main dish, then an extremely
sweet dessert, like fresh fruit. then finally ends with coffee or tea. Issa Frahan Hattar, born in 1918-1984. Holidays or Celebrations New Years Day

King Abdullah the 11's Birthday

Labor Day

Independence Day

King Hussein Remembrance Day

Arab Revolt and Army Day

King Abdullah the 11Th
Enthronement Day Jordan is about 89,342 square km. big.

Land use of Jordan:
4% arable, 1% crops, 9% meadow, 1% forests, 85% other. Land area rank :107 Hills and Valleys of Jordan are covered by wild flowers that provide food for grazing flocks. Some of the crops that Jordanians have are vegetables, olives, fruits, and grain. Laura Fraih Hattar, born in 1999 - living. Most of Jordan is full of deserts, and some of everywhere else is where the people live, but I think one day every little spot in Jordan will be used sometime. There's this big place called the Petra. The Petra is really beautiful and full of amazing things. But I think the real name of the Petra is called The Lost City of Petra. Some of the food and Drinks... Food and Drinks Jan. 1st

Jan. 30Th

May 1st

May 25Th

Nov. 14Th

June 10Th

June 9Th Entertainment They have intense summer heat. They also have very mild winters. (Sometimes they have a little treat with there snow, and the treat is slush.) Ms. Weiss' class On most holidays or celebrations Jordanians cook a dish called Mensef features, lamb cooked in yogurt, and severed on a large tray of rice. Education Jordan requires children to attend to school through the ninth grade. ( If Jordanians wanted to, they could go to school longer and even attend collage.) March 4, 2013 Most children go to government schools. Also most of the adult population can read and write. In our school (Johnson) our schools are pleasant. they require you to listen, watch, and know what to do and how to do it. Sources Languages World Book
Kids Info Bits
Sirs Discovery
"Jordan" book
By: Patriciak
Google Jordanians speak Arabic. Sometimes but not often they speak English. Great Grandma/Great Grandpa Farhan Hattar, born in ????-???? Fedah Hattar, born in ????-???? Raida Sweis, born in 1928-living. Frahan Sweis, born in 1908 - 1984 By: Norma Hattar Jordan's Royal Automobile Museum. this museum is one of the most famous museums in Jordan. this museum is bast on the King. The King puts all of the cars he owns in his museum, and when he wants to use one of his cars, he comes in the museum and drives it out. This King owns hundreds of cars. Not like other Kings, he actually trusts people and lets them see it, but NOT touch it! There are hundreds and thousands of places in Jordan that's really fun, so don't just think there's only one or two because like I said there's thousands of places to go that's fun in Jordan. In the country Jordan there schools aren't so great. There are lots of dress codes and other codes too. If your nails are to long they spank you with a ruler, if you put nail polish on your nails they spank you. If you get an answer wrong they spank you again. ( This is when my mom was young and went to school in Jordan.) In Jordan today, none of the spanking happens anymore. They have computers, and if someone does get an answer wrong the teacher just picks on another student like how our teachers do the same to us. But in Jordan, if you wanted to now something the teacher wouldn't tell you. You would have to find out what you were looking for on your own. That's why I'm glad that our school doesn't do that. Government Jordan doesn't have a president. they have a King. The King rules all of Jordan. When the King die's the new King must be be selected by the King. After the King does die, Jordanians celebrate the Kings Birthday and celebrates every other Kings Birthday too. 50 years ago Jordan was so unhappy because of the King they had, but today is different, the King they have is special to them. The King treats everyone fairly, only does something bad if someone has broken a law. But the King is nice most of the time. He's patient unless he waits for more than 30 minutes. And is kind to senior citizens. If this King wasn't here today Jordan would not be the same. In this school we care about bullying, but in Jordan they don't care about it at all. If there was a fight the teacher would just pull the kids apart, but if there was a fight outside of school nobody would care. so kids can get really messed up and bloody because Jordan does not care about bullying. Cool Facts I found 1. When Jordanians speak loudly there not mad at each other because that's just how they talk, they talk very loudly. 2. Jordanians are nothing without there hand gestures. Jordanians have to move there hands while they talk or else they feel like there not saying the right thing. 3. Jordanians are aloud to shake hands with men but they are not aloud to shake hands with woman unless they ofter there hand to you. Imports and Exports Jordan's Imports are crude oil, machinery, transport equipment, food, live animals, and manufactured goods. It's Exports are clothing, pharmaceuticals, potash, fertilizers, and vegetables. Jordan fertilizer Religions The religions that Jordan has are Christian and Muslim. There's 10% Christian and 90% Muslim, and no, a Musk is not anything like Church. The difference between Muslims and Christians are that Christians go to Church and Muslims go to Musk, Musk is like a big place with lots of designs in it. Muslims Musk Vegetables Have you ever herd of this place called K.F.C. Well if you have, did you know that Jordan has K.F.C. there too. 5. when Jordanians get married they have to make a chose, because if women say yes and they want to get a divorce, they cant, because a divorce is elgle in Jordan.
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