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Avril Lavigne

No description

Arjun Rooprai

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Avril Lavigne

Early Life
On September,27 1984 in Belleville,Ontario, Canada Avril Ramona Lavigne was born. Her father named her Avril after the french word April. Avril Lavigne is french and canadian because her father is french and her mother is canadian. Her mother knew she had a gift for singing after she sang ''Jesus loves me'' in church. When she was 5 her family and she moved to Napanne, Ontario. Her parents kept on supporting her so they let her go to karaoke sessions to practice singing. Her parents also bought her several instruments. They put all her instruments in the basement and turned it into a studio. After practicing she wrote some of her own song. Her first song was ''Can't Stop Thinking About You''. By the age of 15 she entered a radio contest to sing on stage with Shania Twian and she won. She couldn't of been more excited. She told Shania that she was going to be a famous pop singer in a live performance. After she was discoverd by her manger Cliff Fabri while singing country covers at chapters bookstore in Kingston Ontario.
Personal Life
Her music
Avril Lavigne
A true story about this Canadian girl
who is now one of the most viewed
celebrity's of all time!!!

Thank you!
Thank you all for watching and listing to this presentation BYE!!!
Avril Lavigne has one brother, Mattew
and one sister, Michelle Lavigne.
Lavigne's mom is Judith-Rosanne
Loshaw and her dad is Jean-Claude
Lavigne. Lavigne got married to
Deryck Whibley in 2006, but after in 2010 she divorced him.Then again in 2013 she got married
to Chad Kroeger. Other than being with her family, in her free time she likes to talk on her phone
likes to hang out with her friends and her relatives. She also likes to keep practicing singing
this prezi was
not checked by
an adult at home
We all know Avril Lavigne doesn't sit around on her
sofa crying cause she has no friends,she has
alot of friends whether there famous or not.
She has friends like Kim Kardashin,Ariana
Grande,Justin Bieber,Demi Lovato,Miley
Cyrus and more.Having friends who are also
famous is great.You will meet each other
continuity at concerts,meetings,award shows,backstage
and at party's.Ether way you'll meet each and every celebrity and
eventually become friends.Become famous and you will have alot of friends.Avril even did a skit with Miley Cyrus for April fools day called
most famous canadian.To me it was very funny.Avril also took a picture of
her and Demi Lovato just cause they have mathcing haircuts.
Avril is of course friends with her manger,Cliff

Awards/Accomplishments and interviews
one of her
She is a singer/songwriter.She has a clothing
line called Abbey Dawn.The fragrance at the
right is called Black Star and the pink one at
the left is called Wild Rose.The other
one is purple and is called Forbidden
Rose.Lavinge has been on american idol
as a guest judge in the L.A
auditions in 2010.She had
completed 5 world tours including
the try and shut me up tour,
bonez tour,the best damn tour and the
black star tour.She might even do another
tour in 2014,if she gets a new cd.She has 6
albums.Lavigne took a part of her cloth-
ing line and put it in a fashion show to be-
come a model.Her clothing line has been available
over 50 coutrys.It even appered on a internet game
called stardoll.she likes to make her clothes a bit
fun,.edgy and rock punk or punk princess

Music Videos
Avril Lavigne is most known for her music.
As i said she has 6 albums.She made 33
singles.All together she has made 39 cds.
She started to sing when she was about two.
As i said before she has had completed 5 world
tours,maybe even another one in 2014.Her
songs have been on billboards 200 and been nomina-
ted for alot of catagory's like song of the year,best new song
,top song choice and way more.In 2002 her debate album
let go came out,in 2003 another album called my world
came out.then again a new album called under my skin
came out in 2004,the best damn thing came in 2011 but
now my favorite album from 2013 Avril.Avril actually did
a song with her husband chad called let me go.She plays
alot of instruments like her vocals,guitar,
piano and drums.Avril loves music,her
are pop punk,pop rock,
and alternative rock.

Lavigne has been nominated and won awards
alot.She has been nominated 286 times and
won 189 times.She has been a singer over 10
years.She has won awards like breakout artist,
best female singer, and more.She has been on top
50 artist on the billboards.Her songs have
been on billboards top 200 including Here's To Never Growing Up,What The Hell,Hello Kitty,and more.Avril
has been in way to many interviews.All the
way from Ellen to Late Night With Jimmy
Fallon.At the end of the interview she has to
sing a song.Her performing is great
on talk shows

Fun Facts
Why I chose Avril Lavigne
I chose Avril Lavigne because she had an amazing life and i wanted to tell all you guys about
her.Also cause she is one of my favorite celebrities and I like her very much.Hope you all know
more about Avril Lavigne.

See you
Avril's favorite color would be blue.Did you know
Matt her brother was in the girlfriend music video.
Avril was afraid of flying in an airplane.She also
loves to play video games.Avril was named MVP
on her hockey team when she was just 12.She
can't eat her favorite food pizza cause it is bad for
her voice and vocals.She got suspended 3 times
from school for missing out sessions or starting
fights.She won't pay 6$ for a sandwich,she said it
too much.Lavigne played hockey at the age of 10.
Hilary Duff dressed up as Avril Lavigne on Halloween.Justin Timberlake and Eminem are the biggest Avril Lavigne fans.She got a record deal at the age of 16.One of Lavigne's favorite country's is England.She has done a collabe with her husband
Chad Krogery.Her hight is 1.55m.One of her favourite songs of her own is losing grip.She has 2 ear piercings on one of her ears and 1 on the other.She wears black and white striped socks.
Lavigne wears fake tattoos,but now she has a real tattoo on her wrist.She has asthma.Avril's favorite soda's are coke,root beer
and grape.Avril admitted she is a drama queen.Her
original hair color is light brown.Her eye color is blue.
Avril does not like ice cream cause she is lactose
intolerent.She dropped out of high school in the 11th
grade.First music video was complected.She is 29.Her
net worth is 45 million dollors

Game Show/Quiz

1] Where did Avril get discovred?

2] What is her full name?
3] When was Avril born?
4] Name me some of Avril's friends?
5] What is her favorite colour?
6] How did Avril become famous?
All these questions are from
the prezi you just heard.or not
7] With who did avril have the same haircut
8] How many awards has she won?
9] When did she start playing hockey
10] What music video did fans find offensive
11] All fives of her tours are called........
12] What year did she get divorced
13] What was Avril's first music video
15] What was her latest music video
14] Who was a big part of her career
33] Which one of her siblings was in a music video
17] What music video was offensive
18] Who is Avril's sister
19] True or False,Avril is a triple threat
20] Who is Avril's manager
21] Ture or False,She went to jail
22] Who Avril's mom
Avril has been in the music business for
over 10 years so she has made some great
music videos including Girlfriend,Rock and
Roll,Hello kitty,What the hell and more. She made a music video for Hello Kitty that was fun and upbeat but japanese fans found it offensive.Here,
you can take a look yourself and see if it is offensive.Do you think it is offensive?
Tell me your thoughts about it.Her
favorite music video is Smile
because she said she got to
randomly write things on the wall with
marker.My favorite music video of
her's is What The Hell.What is your
favorite music video that Avril has done.
I personally think all of the music videos she has done were colorful,fun,active
and amazing.Here are
some more music video's
you will like them,trust me.

23] Who is Avril's dad
24] What is her natural hair color
Welcome to the Avril Games
25] Tell me some music videos
26] What is her favorite music video
27] What does she like to wear
28] What kind of music does she usually write
29] Who is her brother.
30] When did she drop out of high school
31] What is her second album
32] Who is her Husband
16] Describe her in a fun way
34] What is her clothing line's name
35] What is her eye color
36] What are some of the awards she's won
37] True or False,she is lactose sensitive
38] True or False,Eminem is one of her biggest fans
29] Is Justin Timberlake a big fan of her
40] What is the fist song she wrote herself
41] Did Avril's husband do a collabe with her
42] How old is she
here is her performing
43] What is net worth
44] Does she have highlights
45] What color highlights does she have
46] Who was her first husband
47] What is one of her songs
48] What is one of her albums
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