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MSMC Prezi for OAPCS Conference


Matt Dole

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of MSMC Prezi for OAPCS Conference

Funding restored with minimal cut.
State of the State Address
January 28, 2009
Governor's Proposal
Coalition Response
Letters to the Editor
Contacting Legislators
Personal Visits
Keeping Supporters Informed
Keeping Legislators Informed
Cuts for eschools and other charters remain in place
Administration keeps the details secret until the last minute
My School My Choice Statehouse Rally
May 13, 2009
The Ohio Senate
Governor’s plan completely stripped away.
Conference Committee – Financial Meltdown
Response tepid from Governor’s allies
Charter school receive 20% funding cut,
& Eschools receive a 74% funding cut
For-Profit management companies disallowed from new contracts
Talk Radio Shows
Phone Calls
Weekly Hand-outs
Columbus hearing in statehouse MARCH 10, 2009
Road show
House Education Plan
For profit management language stripped out
Governor’s Union Leader Rally/Counter Demonstration
U.S. Secretary Duncan was to speak at the rally; ostensibly to support Strickland’s education plan
Per pupil funding and full funding for charters restored.
All onerous regulation deleted from the bill.
Chambers scramble to make up the money.
Budget and Management drops $2.3 billion dollar bomb.
Major fighting between House and Senate over charter funding and regulation.
Final Bill –
Victory for Charters
Regulatory schemes deleted or modified.
Videos that underscored our message were released every day leading up to the Governor's rally.
Partnered with BAEO for earned and paid media tactics just prior to Governor's rally.
Families recorded thank you messages to Ohio Senate
Regular e-mail blasts & up to date news article archive
Twitter updates with the latest breaking news
My School, My Choice Blog
Up to date talking points
FAQ’s & Tip-Sheets
Key reports & facts to support arguments
How Grassroots Advocacy Can Save Your School
Rally was held one week before the planned (and publicized) charter rally date, and outside Union leaders annual meeting, miles from the statehouse
Akron, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Zanesville, Ohio
Periodic Text Updates
Lessons Learned
Grassroots are a powerful tool
When we work together, there's no limit to what we can accomplish
We spoke, and they listened
There will be other challenges in the future, but we can overcome them if we face them together
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