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360o Deals y el Futuro de la Industria

No description

Santiago Rodriguez CRS

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of 360o Deals y el Futuro de la Industria

Roit! debuted in the top 20 of the US Billboard 200, was certified gold and has recently gained platinum status.
The Agency Group’s Neil Warnock has spoken out over record labels signing 360 deals with young artists, deeming them ‘immoral’.

In an interview with The Independent, the CEO said that “No company should own everything that an artist does," and that the new generation of DIY musicians will “force labels to offer a different menu of services.”

Warnock said: "The big entertainment companies may even stop recording and will be forced to offer a different menu of services; marketing for one artist, maybe distribution for another, and so on. They can't do it all anymore."

However, according to Warnock, the marketing of Adele was a prime example of where labels can get it right. He said: "XL and Sony handled Adele brilliantly. They knew what they were doing. If you sell one million CDs, that's the time to spend more on marketing because it's easy to turn one million sales into 10 million.

"Too many record labels are run by accountants who want the money they have spent on artists paid back too quickly – so they pull out too early. It takes seven albums for most artists to develop their potential."

Warnock’s career in the music industry spans over five decades and has seen him work with a number of big named musicians including the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson.
musicweek.com: VALUE OF 360 DEALS.,
digitalmusicnews.com: Getting Completely
Screwed by a 360 Degree Deal...
Jay Cooper
Neil Warnok
Tony Wadsworth

Talib Kweli
reduccion en la venta de discos
no hay incremento en las ventas digitales
no hay formula para refular el "streaming"
WALL MART #1 vendedor de musica en USA
"las disqueras" quieren una rebanada de del pastel del artista de cada fuente de ingreso que tenga.
are 360o deals worth it?
crear nuevos modelos para generar un " READ/WRITE" culture
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