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Persuasive Paper

No description

Kaitlyn Aberle

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Paper

Three points of the opposition:
We are responsible for what we put in our body.
It's not up to other people to decide what we can and can't do to our body.
Drinking and smoking can help relieve stress.
May reduce the risk of heart disease. Stance:
Against drinking and smoking. Argument:
20,000 americans die each year from drinking.
Excessive drinking increases the risk of cancer.
Alcoholism affects 14 million people nationwide.
Teens that drink are 50 times more likely to use drugs.
Alcohol can hurt you even if your not the one drinking.
Drinking accidents are 100 percent prevantable.
Drinking is accepted by society and can .
Drinking is widely accepted and can lead to youth experimenting with alcohol.

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